Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy | PART 1

Pikasprey begins a journey to become the best duelist on the island.

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39 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy | PART 1

  1. I'm pretty sure that broken goblin worked because you had a chain that dealt damage and the game assumed the net loss would put the other player under 3000

  2. My first was the one based on battle city where five headed dragon was a normal summon monster. Game itself was short, but getting good cards was a pain. In the other battle city based one, I had two monsters on the field that made a chain where your opponent can’t attack. Problem was the opponent got stuck in a loop where he’ll try to attack, wasn’t able too, then retry to attack again. It didn’t always happen to me, but when it did I could only reset.

  3. I know nothing about the rules of the card game, but I love the island and socializing with people aspect of this game.

  4. Idk why I was surprised this was a legit card game. My first yugioh video game I saw was that horrid board game version so I guess that just made me assume…

  5. When I first played this game (in grade 12), I lost to Chumley at the volcano on day one and I just turned it off. I never played again.

  6. I dream of a YGO game with Legends of Runeterra's effects and graphics, Auto Chess pieces' designs, and Pokemon Sword and Shield's environment. Sadly, that dream might never realize.

  7. I mean realistically there shouldn't be a school at all I mean like it's a card game people it doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn to play there's litterly no need for a school

  8. Used to love this game. We need more things like this in modern day where the game is more than just ‘playing the card game’.

  9. Christia: you'd be stupid to run a deck of over 40 cards unless it's a very specific gimmick.

    Me who runs a 60 card "screw it deck" With no specific archtype Based off healing and hurting: uhhhhh.

  10. 5:22 That what I thought at first but then it turns that from the original and GX, ten years has passed at least, so much that they even considering dueling as a profession as well in that universe!

  11. It kind of always bothered me that, until Blair officially enrolls in DA at the end of the Society of Light arc, there are NO female students at DA who AREN’T in Obelisk Blue. Even in Duel Links, the generic girl duelists that are SPECIFIC to Duel World GX are wearing Obelisk Blue girl uniforms. Not Ra Yellow, not Osiris Red, only Obelisk Blue.

  12. The PSP Yu-Gi-Oh games are also really good! I don't know why, but the single player Yu-gi-oh games are just fun in general. I used to play Eternal Duelist Soul so much as a kid.

  13. There is a yugioh legacy of the duelist link evolution save file with all cards unlocked but everything else is 0%

  14. “No I’m not no I’m not christia you Jackass oh great now I’ve got to reset” 😂😂😂 i died laughing at that 1:43

  15. The puzzles in the library are amazing in this game. I played on the DS version

    EDIT wait that was spirit caller lolol

  16. I like goofy Yugioh decks like the one you've put together. I even played Legacy of the Duelist by putting together a dumbass "Pacifist" deck, designed with the gimmick of redirecting attacks in mind. Every card in the deck dealt damage to my opponent equal to the ATK of their monster: Zoma the Spirit, Magic Cylinder, Blast Sphere, Reflect Bounder Burning Mirror Force, Ring of Destruction and stalling cards like Marshmallon and that sort of thing… It's not a very good deck to play when your opponent plays Stall like Seeker does or is basically pretty shit in general, like if they're someone who plays Needle Worm in attack position

  17. Drawing on the first turn really isn't broken for this era of the game. It wasn't enough of an advantage back then. It's good for this video game but only because most of the opponents' decks suck.

  18. GX takes place 10 years after the original, so it's not unreasonable to think that the game is old enough and popular enough to have schools for it.

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