Why I Went Back To The Blackberry Passport in 2020

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Blackberry Passport is probably one of the most peculiar looking devices anywhere right now and performance wise it actually has a decent list of specs. It is quite difficult to find one brand new anymore but relatively possible. And the refurbished units aren’t terrible either.

Here is a short cinematic video as to why I chose to go back to using a Blackberry Passport in 2018. Complete with the BB10 OS.

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30 thoughts on “Why I Went Back To The Blackberry Passport in 2020

  1. Amazing and true video, I still use my blackberry Passport SE. It's still the best phone I've ever had, I bought a Pixel 3XL and went right back to my Passport and use the Pixel 3XL on the weekends, I even had bought the Key2 and returned it because the passport is 100 times better. Great video

  2. I have used BlackBerry phones when they were RIM. My BB Passport can't be slowed down by Apple forcing me to by yet another same phone.

  3. If you don't like Google apps and this phone is best for you, its secure and I have all my apps working in BB passport BBME working fine, PCloud work fine, onedrive I have to use third party client, outlook BB 10 has a native apps, Firefox (sideloaded) work fine, protonmail work fine and the rest I don't need it.

  4. I actually got the passport for the same reason. My android phone was showing ads for stuff I was just talking about near my phone and it creeped me out. Used it for at least 2 years and loved it. You can sideload some needed android apps – Google maps etc.
    Finally switched to a note 10+ last month after dealing with the passport degrading connection issues that are common. And I really miss my passport. Trying to decdie if I should take this back, this unlocked us version has a locked boot loader and that doesn't sit well with me. If I'm going to have android I want to root it for firewall etc apps

  5. Same reason I use the classic and that it is more portable. I have an iPad mini on LTE when I really need more and a camera when I need to take pics.

  6. I'm going to use passport cause the BBOs . Not because the security but the interface just really simple and intuitive. Really plus the design just really unique . No one really understands
    But in term of working I need to using the WhatsApp and also other social media cause I need to communicate alot .plus the key2 won't bring any feeling like passport does

  7. You can still put WhatsApp, and Facebook, and GoogleMaps into this phone with some easy software workarounds 🙂 Got my Passport still but use a KeyOne mostly now..

  8. Been a Blackberry user since 2009!! From rollerball to the KeyOne it's my go to phone!! Passport is my next buy!

  9. I'm currently using the Blackberry Passport and I've got all the Android apps i need on my passport.
    I have WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google play store, Chrome, Spotify, Opera Mini Browser, Netflix, Google Maps, Prime Video, Fongo, and a bunch more of Android apps that all work perfect. You can install pretty much any android apps on the Blackberry Passport.

  10. I own a BlackBerry key2. The phone looks great in appearance and the use of physical keys is sensational. But the phone lacks in os, yes it runs Android in it. I am disappointed with the insecure os

  11. I just ordered a Blackberry Classic for the exact same reason.

    I’m ready to disconnect from the anti-social media marketing SCAM and connect with real friends/family face-to-face. It’s a world-wide addiction. Think for yourself!

  12. Jesus Christ my God has NOTHING to do with your dumb joke. Next time joke about whatever else you believe in.

  13. I've just bought a NEW passport as my work phone for mails. there is no phone like this for that, not even the Key2.

  14. Facebook Lite works. Also, you can install Google Services and the Play Store with about 20 minutes of work.

  15. There is a reason the Silver Blackberry Passports are still selling for over $500. The Blackberry operating system is Secure(Very hard to track you & your data) When the Second Gulf War started Blackberry was the only secure communication device available. Big Gov. & Big Corp. didn't like this, they could not illegally spy on you. They didn't know where you went, what you did, who you spoke with. They couldn't sell your meta data(Do people realize, we are the product….?) etc…. Does anybody remember the lawsuit's against Blackberry(various Gov's wanted access to Blackberry's Messenger service) Then Boom, Blackberry was suddenly almost bankrupt(magically….Maybe?) all of a sudden they were using android & google and were allowed to make a market comeback……

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