What your favorite sport says about you!

People asked for it so here it is, what your favorite sport says about you! We have all the classics like baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. And a few weird ones. Btw everything in here is a joke so please don’t take it too seriously, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.


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30 thoughts on “What your favorite sport says about you!

  1. "You like playing 'Dont let the balloon touch the ground delux"
    No, I just like Haikyuu. You said favourite sport, ya didnt say we have to play it-

  2. "You love playing don't let the ballon touch the floor deluxe"

    I actually like volleyball because of Haikyuu!! XD

  3. Me expecting: volleyball: and then something about white girls

    What he says: volleyball: you like playing the deluxe version of don’t let the ballon touch the floor


  4. "you've played too much Skyrim and now you think your a sword master"

    That or you main Raphael and/or Amy in soul caliber

  5. Hockey “U like getting injuried”

    Me- I bet u haven’t watched 1 minute of hockey because there is 20x less injuries than football

  6. I swear if I hear someone else calling football soccer I will fall to the ground and just lay there crying! Goodbye

  7. what,ts wrong with baseball! Hockey, boxing, archery, fencing, snowboarding, fishing, swimming, dogdeball and I know Martial art but I'm self taught so yeeeaaahhh ces la vie

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