Western Digital My Passport Hard Drive Review

Running out of room? Need more memory with style? The My Passport is quite sexy.

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49 thoughts on “Western Digital My Passport Hard Drive Review

  1. Hi, many thanks for your video. My WD Passport 4tb is not recognised by any of the TV's in my house. Is this normal and if so do I need to format it in a particular way? If I format it will it create a problem if this removes the a.net file that you reference in the email?

  2. I just bought that thing, and I want to watch movies on my TV but my TV can't find the USB port of it. Any idea?

  3. Damn that screen flickering on your laptop.

    If you can afford to buy a laptop now, be sure that the panel does not use PULSE WIDTH MODULATION to dim the screen and it does not detected at all brightness level; I.e. 0~100%.

  4. Does it provide out of box support for Mac, I use both Mac and Windows and keep switching between the two, do you think it is a good choice for this or I will face issues ?
    Thanks in advance

  5. My Passport shows "working" in Disk manger, but shows as "uninitalize" in Disk Mangement.
    It does not show up in File Explorer. I took it to Best Buy (where I bought it) Geek Squad as was told that it was still working, but they didn't have a computer that could do it. I then contacted a online company that promised they could fix everything remotely from Registry Issues to what ever for a one time cost of $50+ with a 60 day guarantee. When they were done
    the reg problems were gone, but the WD MyPassport had a hardware problem they couldn't fix.
    The SMART status was "Not Initialized" type Unknown. I have a USB 3.0 port and a 3.0 Scan disk which shows up on USB2.0 but not on USB3.0.. Any suggestions would be appricated!

  6. If you ever have a problem with the drive (that doesn't involve actual damage to the internal discs) you will need to find a VERY good data recovery company, because there are 2 issues with this drive that make it harder to repair: 1. These drives have a built-in hardware decryption chip. and 2. The USB connector is soldered directly onto the hard drive board.

  7. Can I make 4 partitions on my WD My Passport 4TB HDD? Is so, will it make hamper on drive's performance?

  8. hello. i just bought this 1tb mypassport, i have question. do i need to download support software to my laptop before i save any file?

  9. Seen your video, do comparison with 4 TB Seagate backup plus too. I am preferring Seagate rather than WD in 4 TB storage segment. Is I am taking right decision….?
    Please advise

  10. Maybe this is a stupid question but I'll give it a try. I bought the WD My Passport not too long ago for the purpose of storing Music, Photos and Documents only. If I store these items in My Passport and delete the photos, music and documents from my Windows 10 PC, will there be any issues? Will I still be able to bring up the photos, music and documents using only My Passport?

  11. I bought that HHD. There are 4 rubber pads on the bottom of the HDD. If I put HDD on the smooth surface (table), one of the 4 rubber pads doesn't contact with table and HDD is little bit stagger. Do you have that problem?

  12. Well I have a question a bit related to this topic.I bought 2 of 4tb 2.5" external hard drives usb 3.0 seagate brand.One is working from my point of view flawlessly but the other doesnt work as well or maybe it does?!Well Im no expert but the"bad"one is working and the thing Im concerned is that is louder and also even emtyed and reconnected it always"chatteres" like scraching;Im concerned because the other one when conected it only turns the discs inside with no scrachings,chatting.

  13. 04:32 You really need to look into the difference between gigabytes and gibibytes. Windows is reporting gibibytes. One terabyte is 931 gibibytes, or 1000 gigabytes.

  14. What do you think from the speed from the hard drive for ps4 now I have a one terabyte. HGST Touro its 7200 RPM what do you think about the Western Digital is it fast enough for playing games

  15. what's with the back up feature on this drive… is it cloud storage or is it backed in the drive only?????? anyone???

  16. 1TB but we can use 930GB? WHy can't these companies just make their hard drives 1070gb to accommodate their software? We pay for 1TB of personal storage.

  17. What about Android? Can I use it on my NVIDIA Shield? If so, can I move it back and forth between Windows and Android without needing to format each time?

  18. Amazing review man! Keep doing the great work and look forward to more. Great vibe and the pace at which you present the information is easy on the ears. Thank you very much!

  19. can i use it to store software in it like Adobe photoshop, and still be able to run it straight from the Hard Disk itself?

  20. get I have this hard drive and I want to use it on my cloud book because the Windows 10 takes up most of my space but I'm not sure on how to go about setting it up to hold and run my programs any help would be amazing

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