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I had the chance to fly out to Bali with my whole family this Thanksgiving for our first ever trip abroad! I wanted to document my memories so that I can always remember how blessed I am to have this opportunity and also share it with those who have never been to Bali.

I am by no means anything close to a professional so please excuse the shaky hand and enjoy!

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1. The Viceroy Bali (Ubud)

2. AYANA Resort & Spa (Jimbaran)

Canon G9X


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25 thoughts on “Welcome to Bali | Travel Vlog | Priscilla Lee

  1. Fantastic video… By the way, if you want to know beautiful places around the world follow me on Instagram, @unlugarcadadia

  2. I love travelling and this has led me to make an word search game for cities around the world. See if you can find them play, enjoy, share and rate it. Hope you enjoy. Bali was my honeymoon destination. What can I say WOOOOOW loved it. Got attacked by monkeys hahaha dont hold a big bag of peanuts in front of them loool. Ubud was most beautiful place i'd ever been.


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