We Stayed in a LUXURY Bamboo Villa in Bali! Full Tour + Crazy Indonesian Fire Dance 🔥

We made it to Bali! And we’ve been staying in this incredible Airbnb, it’s a luxury bamboo hut! 😍After a tour of our bamboo villa, we head to Uluwatu Temple to watch an epic Indonesian fire dance at Uluwatu Temple!

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48 thoughts on “We Stayed in a LUXURY Bamboo Villa in Bali! Full Tour + Crazy Indonesian Fire Dance 🔥

  1. We officially have only TWO SPOTS left on our group trip to Guatapé, Colombia! Head over to https://www.endlessadventuretrips.com/ to see the details of the trip and register 🙌 Hope to see you there 😊

  2. Love the bamboo hut, the natural look, the rice fields view, and the local food..sate! Awesome! Thanks for sharing about my home country, cheers from Indonesian in Belgium

  3. first time i visit here. thank you for sharing such an amazing travel video. stay connected my friend <3

  4. Bamboo grows to be bigger than that, to be about 30 plus cm in diameter. In many cultures traditionally such bamboos were used for storage of clothes as well. Also, I found your channel recently and I have been going back to watch all your old videos because I love the elaborate and detailed content regarding not just the place, but the food, stay, transportation. Many travel influencers visit only the hotspots which are popular. It's always more interesting the way you guys do it ❤

  5. Wow an absolutely gorgeous bamboo huts there guys. Bali is also one of my favorite island in southeast Asia. Love your video. New friend here. Please take care and stay safe my friends.

  6. The dance is the RAMAYANA EPICS STORY
    and please be aware of the camera sometimes the monkey naughty and take it to the tree and boom will be broken anyway

  7. Guys! Thanks so much for the suggestion, I booked it for me and my girlfriend when we were in Uluwatu and it was amazing! You get some proper spectacular views. Join my channel and let's get connected, I moved to Bali 7 months ago and I'll be talking about it more often in my next vids. Cheers

  8. My spouse is in Guatemala, you are in Bali and I am here in Vegas all alone, well I have my fur babies. It is just not fair. * 57-year-old throwing a temper tantrum* whilst binge-watching The endless adventure. It is just not fair.

  9. Hi, my husband is a spiritual reader in Bali. If anyone planning to go to Bali and interested in spiritual reading please contact us! IG: @arnoldfortunereading

  10. 11:38 That performance was based on the greatest epic ever called Ramayana …and the monkey was Lord Hanuman who went to visit Sita Ji who was kidnapped by Ravana the evil king of lanka . When he met Sita MA and gave her the message from her husband Lord Rama , he then went on to create havoc in the Ashok gardens of the palace. After he was taken to the court Ravana decided to put fire 🔥 on his tail but it was Hanuman Ji we re talking about and he went on and put the entire city of gold Lanka on fire.
    The people there were petrified just by the sheer sight of it and couldn’t even imagine the power of lord Rama and his entire army when just one is capable of this feat.

  11. @theendlessadventure I don't know if you are still in Bali, but I'm here until Tuesday and would love to meet you guys!

  12. Indonesian here! That type of roof is made from grass called ilalang/alang-alang, and does need frequent maintenance, including brushing for every few months. Bamboo rope is usually used to bind it.

  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kecak found this which explains a little bit about the temple dance, characters and origins x

  14. You both go to wonderful places, love the food parts except when your husband ate that sheep tongue and eyeball that was really gross. I think it was in iceland?

  15. I love you guys so much, you guys are so down to earth. Keep up the good quality videos, my husband and I love watching ya in our big screen TV.

  16. Loving seeing your channel develop! I hope to be able to grow and develops my skills as much as you have. 😊💕

  17. You both are so secondhand toerist info and very corona-irresposible-spreaders, so please stop this nonsens a try to get home as soon as possible with a healthcheck ofcorse

  18. With Kara & Nate taking a break after completing their 100 countries and The Way Away missing in action for two months, The Endless Adventure is my mainstay.

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