The biggest trail running event of the year, otherwise known as The World Summit of Trail Running, once again gave us a week full of emotions when it took place from August 26th to September 1st this year.

With almost 10,000 participants spread across the 7 spectacular races throughout the week, it certainly lived up to its expectations for fans, runners and supporters alike who enjoyed the amazing adventures in the heart of Chamonix.

Relive all the best moments of the 2019 edition, through this video.

FEEDBACK FROM: Katie Schide, 10th UTMB® 2019

“The startline of the race was absolutely crazy! There were people everywhere, hanging out of hotel windows, lining the streets… all there to support us in our crazy decision to run 100 miles around Mont Blanc. After the first 5-10 minutes of the race, my face hurt from smiling so much!

When the night finally set in I found myself not feeling so great and losing motivation. But I kept seeing familiar faces and hearing people cheering my name and I was able to hang in there. Then I met up with another female runner at an aid station and spending some time running and chatting with her really brought me back to why I was out there in the first place – to share an adventure with so many great people.

I’m really proud to have finished my first UTMB and my first 100 mile race without any major issues, and show myself that I’m strong enough to stick it out through some tough lows and make it to the finish line. Getting news of Germain looking strong and moving up in the field was a huge relief and gave me a little extra energy to keep moving, I was so happy and proud of him! I’m very grateful for all the people who came out to support us, from our crews at aid stations to friends who hiked in just to give a cheer and a hug. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing community of support around us and I really feel like that’s what ultimately got me to the finish line. I will definitely be back to UTMB as soon as possible, this race is too special to only experience once.”

FEEDBACK FROM : Germain Grangier, 10th UTMB® 2019

“I was really surprised to feel pretty good leading into my first 100 mile race. I had a nice night / day around Mont-Blanc !

As it was my race of this distance and my first UTMB, I would say that my biggest fear was to know how my body would react to the distance. I took to the start with a conservative pace as I really wanted to finish the race. I felt pretty good and moved up step by step in the ranking.

I’m really happy I had a nice UTMB experience and have good memories of the race. Happy to be top 10 in my first experience and with how I managed the unknown. I feel like I have a solid base to work on now. There is defenately things to improve and risks to take if I want to do better next year. I’ll toe the line next year for sure….”

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