TRIP REPORT | LOUNGE IN ECONOMY!? Bangkok Airways | Airbus A320 | Bangkok (BKK) – Phuket (HKT)

We had the chance to fly the world’s best regional airline Bangkok Airways this year and they are outstanding! Free Lounge access for every passenger, full warm meals on short-haul domestic flights and awesome staff! They could only modernise their cabin. It was a really unique flight experience! Thanks for watching and enjoy this Trip Report!

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✈ Airline: Bangkok Airways
✈ Aircraft: Airbus A320 (HS-PGV)
✈ Seat: 8F
✈ Route: Bangkok (BKK) – Phuket (HKT)
✈ Flight Number: PG283
✈ Date: June 7th, 2017



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✈ Camera: Panasonic HC-V550


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41 thoughts on “TRIP REPORT | LOUNGE IN ECONOMY!? Bangkok Airways | Airbus A320 | Bangkok (BKK) – Phuket (HKT)

  1. Flew with them several times. They are indeed the best regional airline. Hot meal, and the stewardesses offered me 5 times a drink… And even though i am 6'5ft (196cm) tall i still had plenty of legroom. Never knew i could use their lounges. But why do i need that when i get everything in the aircraft too? Ideal for people who not have much time to spend at the airport but still want a meal.

  2. Bangkok Airways are my default for travelling in the region. All-inclusive: the Boutique (economy) lounge, baggage, meals, seat selection included and a good flight experience. And they leave from Suvarnabhumi, the main Bangkok airport where the long haul flights land.

  3. I have flown Bangkok Air mant timed from Phnom Penh to Bkk. They also serve free beer and wine with the meal, not sure about spirits?

  4. Dude actually economy passengers can also get access to lounge. Please upload indigo flight from Dubai to Bangalore

  5. Even though I have star gold with Thai airways, I still fly bangkok air more often as they have a monopoly over some routes (specifically ones I have to fly) so I’m still alright to fly bangkok air. What I was pissed about was that I was denied lounge access as apparently the lounge was full. I asked them if they would also refuse it to a gold member with PG (my dad is one) and they said yes. Still quite pissed.

  6. Love Bangkok Air. It’s always my first choice for short trips. It’s the only airline I know that give Free lounge access to economy class.

    Proper meal also is served on every flight even short domestic flight.

  7. Suddenly regret choosing Nok Air when i flew from Bangkok to Phuket. Dont get me wrong, i loved Nok Air, they ended up my favourite low cost airline, but wowwwww Bangkok Air looks sooo much better 😍 Awesome trip report!

  8. Bangkok Airways always very expensive much more than thai airways, smile, nok scoot. But that UPS 747 is great. By the way why do u need so high degree of slats at take off ????

  9. Fantastic video! I'm surprised about the economy lounge , what a great thing, also to give a meal on such a short flight! Also, they have a beautiful and colourful livery. Great job! 😀

  10. Signature of Bangkok Airways lounge is Bananas with Sticky Rice that they make day by day. You should try.

  11. Full Warm meal in short haul flight and even a domestic flight is really really common in asia,not like in Europe

  12. I think the service excels by it self, but the airplane and cabin looks quite old for me. Great job guys!!!

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