Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Game Movie-Full Length) {1080p}

If you haven’t watched the prequel, Transformers War for Cybertron, then click this:

This movie was a lot easier than WFC. FOC uses only one perspective so I didn’t have to replay the entire chapter 3 times like WFC. This movie only took me about 2 months to make. For some cutscenes or gameplay segments, I added some screams for some of the robots. Take 1:36:30 for example. I found it odd that the decepticon did not yell when getting stabbed. So I added and edited a scream for the poor guy. I also removed the saving contents indicator for pretty much every cutscene. In addition to all that, I isolated the sound fx, voice, and music for some scenes like the final boss. The music doesn’t get cut and I added some grunts, quotes, and warcrys from FOC and WFC. 🙂 These are just some of the things I edited for the movie. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and all that Jazz. 😀

Ch. 1: 0:00:27
Ch. 2: 0:10:10
Ch. 3: 0:24:58
Ch. 4: 0:37:58
Ch. 5: 0:45:43
Ch. 6: 0:55:35
Ch. 7: 1:04:44
Ch. 8: 1:07:57
Ch. 9: 1:14:01
Ch. 10: 1:22:31
Ch. 11: 1:29:01
Ch. 12: 1:42:09
Ch. 13: 2:00:31
Optimus VS. Megatron: 2:07:52

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26 thoughts on “Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Game Movie-Full Length) {1080p}

  1. Can someone please ex0lain that ending before I burst from holding my breath… WHAT?? is that it? Is that the end? Both sides gone!? Nooooo I need moooooore

  2. I was just searching this game because I used to love it and I come to see a full community like me. incredible.

  3. Sky walker masuk rumah gw.. mau ngapaaiiinnn… ???
    Ngajak gw pindah agama?? Nyembah dajjal????

    Enak aja ,,

  4. Back to see the greatest TF Game ever!!!
    R.I.P (2012-2020) I will always remember escalation with the boys.

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