Top 10 things every Harley Sportster guy says

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The greatest motorcycles of all time

Top 10 things sportster guys say! All in good fun of course, so don’t take this too seriously. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Keep it weird y’all #shadetreearmy


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30 thoughts on “Top 10 things every Harley Sportster guy says

  1. I loved my 883. Yes I was saying that I would eventually put a 1200 kit on 😆 Yes I did a tank lift 😆 I just like the look of the the lift but you do sacrifice fuel capacity slightly. Riding everyday all year long, it will make a difference. Took on a 700 mile trip on her and decided to get a divorce. Married up to a RK. She was ugly at first but she's been good to me, especially on the long rides. Got her lookin pretty now but we ain't done yet.

  2. I've ridden sportbikes for 27 yrs. I bought a 1200 sportster model 72 back in 2014. It's one of my most loved motorcycles. It's easy to work on, fun to ride and it looks beautiful.

  3. Dont make fun of financially challenged Rider who cannot Buy Dynas or Softails or Touring HDs … this video is gonna hurt them Brother 🙂 If h/she had that money why would they buy Sportster ?? SORRY SURGEON !! Cheers 🙂

  4. Damn. I have to keep making comments. I have knobbies on my current Sportster and they ride exactly the fucking same as any street tire i've ever run. Same level of suspension absorption, same handling characteristics, not even a change in fuel mileage. Enduro tires with aggressive looking treads have come a long, long, long way as street tires over the years. I have to call this phobia out for what it is; a total myth.

  5. I now own a sport glide, and started out with Suzuki boulevard’s and moved up to Harley-Davidson, and have had 3 sportster’s and one street 750 and even a CVO, and by far that street 750 was the best commuter bike I have ever owned. Living in Denver before the pandemic I spent over 2 hours duck walking in backed up traffic. The 750 was like a moped on steroids! I could park anywhere downtown, and get around without any problem and was a great price for a 2nd bike 👍

  6. Also I get your point about the XR, but the stock Sportster shares WAY more DNA with an XR-750 than a Nascar does with a Lumina wearing a Monte Carlo badge.

  7. Dank nooners on my 1200c shuts the bagger boys up a bit….I like to do it when a new rider in the group has that look ! Lmao

  8. I'm on my third Sportster and I can guarantee you that no Sportster rider hates Dynas. We just can't afford them.

  9. Great video, I loved it. Sportsters are a personal matter, and you either love it or hate it. Trying to keep my story brief, back in the 70's I rode a 900

    Sportster around the block, and really felt something. Always wanted one since then, but it just never happened until early 2019. I walked into a local shop (actually looking for a Street 750) but the salesman talked sense into me, and showed me a 14 Iron 883 they had a good deal on. Seeing I could trade it in within a year and get what I paid for it, I figured I couldn't go wrong. I got it home, gleaming about the fact I finally got my Harley, I immediately started planning on how to turn it into the bike I really wanted. Let's face it, the stock bars do not support a comfortable sitting position, so I got the Ram bars I wanted. Added bags, moved the license plate to where it belongs, grips, etc. Spent another $1000 trying to make it into what I wanted it to be. Final realization was that it's never going to be what I really wanted, and started longing to have my GSL 750 back.. The last straw was cruising down a mountain road in New Mexico, and almost got brain damage from the rough road vibrating me to hell and back. ENOUGH!! I started hating Harleys, thinking this is not what I was expecting.. End of story, I walked into the Harley shop aching to get rid of it, and seen a 2020 Sport Glide sitting on the floor. Boing!!! I am now a Harley lover, THIS is what a really wanted. And your right. My son has a 2020 Heritage, and it's an amazingly nimble bike. Much better than the POS 883 I had.. Thanks for the video, keep them coming!

  10. I put 124,000 miles on my ‘02 Sportster before I gave it to my daughter.
    I’m guilty of a couple of these.

  11. I agree 100% on everything you say and your views. I've got an 883 and love it. I have never had any desire to raise the tank, upsize the heads to 1200, convert it to anything that it isn't. I've been riding for over 56 years on all sizes, styles and country origins of motorcycles. Loved them all. The only mod's I've ever done have been for durability, reliability and comfort. I have never, ever worried about what someone else thinks of my bike. It's mine. They can do their thing and I can do mine. I will also admit that I have no false illusions of acceleration or handling. My riding buddy can leave me sitting in the mountain twisties on his old Road King because of his bike's superior cornering ability. I have no problem with that. We never compare the size of our …bikes. We go for the ride. Period.
    Great video!!!!

  12. I jump a 2003 cr250 over 100ft plus jumps my balls and pride is well solidified…. that being said definitely getting a roadster/sportster lol they’re just sexier and look better. 🤷🏻‍♂️ it is what it is I want a motorcycle not a car on two wheels…

  13. I have a 04 sportster with a 1200 and it was a women’s bike before I got it lol. Thanks for the laughs 🤣

  14. Im glad I ride dual sport so I dont have to deal with any of this crap, haha you "harley" and street bike riders you people cant go anywhere but stay on the street only!!……BORRRRRING!!

  15. LOL, bought my 1st bike ,guess what, at 5'3" i just say "Hey it's big for me " (Roadster) I had to lower it fit on it and needed my Buddy your size to ride it home for me ,,LOL ,,but now i don't just own the tee shirt Happy Days ,,,thx

  16. Hey bud you know much about Suzuki intruders? Becuase mine is carb and my clutch wouldn't go into 1st for a second then I took the cover off the hydraulic reservoir and it worked fine. Could that have just been an air pocket in the clutch

  17. Lol, that was funny
    Top things i get at the shop is the new oldschool sportster on a efi lol, here's how it goes.
    Buy a efi sportster
    Raise tank, v&h short shots, fuelpack, kn filter (its stage 2 bro) swap for some bitwell bars, some spring seat….
    Realise tank lift looks shit with all the wires, and that you are not considered old school by any one so try to sell it flr what you paid and the amount spent and get mad when people say you are asking waaay too much lol

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