(Ok, ok, many ppl may get offended by the title. Ya know, clickbait etc., etc… I know. Yet video was done some years ago, don’t be so offensive. This and the second FDF run were and will be the only one holding clickbait title like that – I’m not gonna do that in future videos. Anyway, in these times it was a challenge for me so what’s wrong? :v)
BTW, it’s 1.03 version. The newest one is easier actually.

So far my best recorded* gameplay from this Extra stage. Koishi is very OP, but Flandre just beaten all the records.
(*- Yes, recorded. I have beaten Flandre once, but the game didn’t let me save a replay… it wasn’t good, devs…)
I could do it better, but it takes me too much time to repeat the stage on and on.

✪ Captured (non-)spell cards: ✪
Armored Knight (3:25): Passed!! (No Bomb/Perfect)
Hoan Meirin (1:35): Non-spell Passed/Spell Failed (…)
Sakuya Izayoi (3:56): Non-spell Passed/Spell Captured (Perfect)
Flandre (4:46): All non-spells captured but the last one
Spells captured: 5th, 6th and 8th spell card

I stupidly failed in the Flandre’s first three spell cards, but I did better in the next ones. Also, I have beaten up Armored Knight without bombing! 😀
And sorry for the frame drops in two/three moments – it was caused by Fraps :/

Difficulty: Extra (more like Hard/Lunatic)
Difficulty in stars: *****✪ (DANMAKU HELL!!)

Just nothing more to say. Enjoy 😉

Touhou: Fantastic Danmaku Festival – Extra Stage (Patchouli)
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Enjoy the video and I hope you’ll stay for longer! ^^


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35 thoughts on “THE HARDEST EXTRA BOSS EVER!! | TouHou FDF Extra

  1. Concidering that this guy obviously knew enough about the game to know the rediculously small hitboxes on the character and the attacks and has played this level enough to know most of the patterns of attack, dodges like a pro and STILL loses in the end, it is just mind boggling.

  2. Seihou Project and Len'en Project are waaaaaaaaaay more difficult, Touhou isn't that harder, as those two

  3. I've never played this game nor do I intend to, but damn that was impressive! I was legit on the edge of my seat lol

  4. チャンネル登録してくれた人を歌舞伎ポイポイで護衛するウマヅラSP団【登録者1万人護ります】* says:


  5. Gave me a heart attack watching those patterns. Imagine bullet hell like that in MUGEN. That would be sick.

  6. This game is horseshit. What the fuck am I even looking at? You gotta be Jesus Christ after he became a Jedi master to do this.

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