THAI Airways 747 Upper Deck Business Class | Bangkok to Phuket

WELCOME to a Shanghai Flyer flight review; to my subscribers out there, a warm welcome back!

After arriving in Bangkok following my Qatar Airways’ flight, I had 20 hours to spare before continuing my journey to Shanghai with Hong Kong Airlines. When presenting myself with this dilemma, I was pleasantly surprised when I found Thai airways operates both A350 and 747 aircrafts on their Phuket route. Without much hesitation, I booked a same day return round trip for 380 USD, a fabulous price to review business class on Thai’s oldest and newest aircraft.

My journey started at the royal orchid lounge which was nothing to fancy about. However, flying the queen on the upper deck is certainly an experience that is only going to get rare as time passes.


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13 thoughts on “THAI Airways 747 Upper Deck Business Class | Bangkok to Phuket

  1. On long flights these seats are so uncomfortable!! Definitely found it more spacious sitting downstairs first row of business class on the right, next to the wall.

  2. On long haul routes serviced by the 747-400 that are only sold as two-class (Business / Economy), Business Class passengers can pay a surcharge for a "Preferred Seat" which can be a seat in the First Class cabin.

  3. Great video! I admire your dedication to fly the 747! Definitely my favorite plane. I'll keep that route in mind when I visit Thailand again to get another chance to hang out on the upper deck. The service looked outstanding, especially on such a short flight. Hope you enjoyed your time in Phuket.

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