Sportster 883 First Ride – Is It A WEAK Cruiser?

Sportster 883 First Ride – Is It A WEAK Cruiser?
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My second time ever riding a Harley-Davidson and I gotta say, I’m starting to understand the hype! The last dyna I rode had so much more power then this little old 1995 Sportster 883 with a stock motor and a handful of stunt parts to get the job done. It was more of a challenge performing stunts but a very chill ride I’d love to add to my arsenal some day 🙂
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Sportster 883 First Ride – Is It A WEAK Cruiser?


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46 thoughts on “Sportster 883 First Ride – Is It A WEAK Cruiser?

  1. Weak… The Sportster is one of the fastest bikes Harley makes for the cheapest price of any. That Evo engine in them Sportsters is the go to engine from drag racing and hot rodding in Harley's, there's people easily pushing 140hp in a Sportster 883

  2. I think an 883 with a 1200 kit Would be a great start for a stunt bike. The 1200 is good, the gearing is a little taller so it's a tad lazier than the 883

  3. Went and checked it out and, the First second of your first vid is the exact intersection I work at what are the mfing odds

  4. On the 883 vs. 1200, you can turn an 883 into a 1200 engine or bigger easily. The transmission is geared lower on the 883, some ppl like the 883 gearing for that low end pull paired with the 1200 engine. Hope that's helpful

  5. Funny seeing you talking bout the 883 being weak and im out here with under 4 horsepower ripping wheelies my yamaha dt 50 09 (full size supermoto). Would love to get a bigger bike for this season for more high speed stuff. Keep up the stunting fam

  6. Ok now Dank those are awesome riding. Love your channel and keep doing what you’re doing. 👍🏼👍🏼

  7. You need at 96-2003 sportster 1200. Look at rusty butcher. That will kind of lead you in the right direction

  8. what do you mean STOCK CARBS i just gave up all hope on my 93 883 because everytime i hit 12 oclock she would cut out i assumed from no gas going to the carbs. is there really hope for the old girl?

  9. Jesus look at that lot. Looks super organized with the straight line section, stop pie and circle spots. That's wassup

  10. Never understood why people wheelie cruisers ain't there parts the opposite from what u want for stunting?

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