Oxygen Not Included | Part 1 | MARKIPLIER DIES IMMEDIATELY

Oxygen Not Included is the newest game from the makers of Don’t Starve and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I hope you enjoy my brand new long series about my struggles to survive in this unforgiving world!
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Nguồn: https://phim6v.com

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28 thoughts on “Oxygen Not Included | Part 1 | MARKIPLIER DIES IMMEDIATELY

  1. I remember when he first posted these and I was waiting for the next one to come up but wow it’s really Been that long 😧😲

  2. Mark, this is a great playthrough.
    I'll be watching this, so i won't have to play the game myself, feel bad abt my responsibilities & commitments to save humanity in space and guilt over killing those three people xD <3

  3. 14:32 people that have the slightest hint that ladders exist: JUST BUILD A DAMN LADDER

    Mark: ignores all common sense were gonna do it minecraft style… in a 2d world

  4. Going back to this after watching him knowing how to play is funny. (Doesn’t realize he could of built a ladder😂)

  5. 6:12
    I love this game and I love ‘Don’t Starve’ , to death
    I love this game and I love ‘Don’t Starve to Death’
    I know which way it is but I like the way it could be

  6. The ocean and space are COMPLETELY different. Ones been explored thoroughly. The other weve barely stepped on the moon.
    (Unless some xenopleeb screams conspiracy. Lmao)

  7. A good Manger knows when he fucks up and admits it. I want to vote for Mark to be manager over everything in the world!

  8. This is it … This is the video that I watched three years ago, back before I went and shoved over two hundred hours into this game. This is the video that made me want the game. It's a stupid reason, compared to what you've done for other people, but this game made me really happy. And you make me really happy. So thank you, Mark.

  9. We know more about space than we do about our own oceans. On one hand that already makes the sea a hundred times more terrifying, but then you remember that there are black holes in space and that in itself is Max level of terrifying. But then you remember that the ocean is in space because we all are due to the earth we live on just being a giant rock and suddenly you realise that no matter which way you go you're never safe from the unknown horrors beyond our containment and we might as well surrender to Cthulhu now and jump into the ocean to show our devotion to the motion of the commotion in this shit hole of emotion

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