Nightcore – All of Me

Music: All of Me – John Legend (Max Schneider and Zendaya Cover)
Lyrics in the video, enjoy 🙂
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28 thoughts on “Nightcore – All of Me

  1. I always listened to this song with my ex… i miss him so much… now im sitting here with alcohol in my hand looking at our old pictures crying and listening to this song… heh…

  2. That illustration looks strangely like Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and Ochaco Uraraka from Boku No Hero Academia…

  3. I don’t know why no one plays this version of the song am I the only one that hears a duet here🙏 it’s my favorite version of the song!!! But I’m one of those suckers that’s not the biggest fan of the original😞 but much love ladies❤️

  4. Love , I want it I need it, but don’t truly get how to get it.
    I want someone who is kind and respectful
    Gentle and has true emotion
    Someone to give me a smile when I’m down
    And to give their all so I can give it back…

  5. Manchmal kommt es vor das man sich verletzt und man sehr zum Weinen anfängt. Jeder glaubt du weinst wegen deiner Verletzung, doch in Wahrheit weinst du weil du alles in dich hineingefressen hast und es rauslassen musst

  6. All i want is her to be happy. i want to give her all of me, i wont be happy until she is.. even if its not with me.

  7. I feel lonely…I want someone to love me for who am I,but everybody just hates me or don't love me…

    I'm just soo lonely and sad…

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