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Western Digital, one of the most trusted brand in storage solution, has redesigned its widely popular My Passport External Hard Drive to offer the latest design and features. Available in multiple storage sizes – 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB, these drives are intended to be the all-in-one solution to store a large number of files without the need for multiple drives. The My Passport Hard drive price starts from ₹4499, while the 5TB cost ₹10,999 and comes in multiple colour options including Red, Blue, White and Black. Because the previous version did exceptionally well, can we expect the latest 2020 models to do the same? Watch out for complete review.

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15 thoughts on “New 2020 WD My Passport External Hard Drive Review | Trendated Tech

  1. I recently bought that 4TB HDD and tried formatting it to FAT32 but could only use it in a number of different partitions. Is that normal? Is it because it's on a disk? I thought it was a SSD when I bought it but I'm certain I hear a disk spinning in there.

  2. I placed my new WD external drive on top of my laptop, which eventually overheats (the laptop while charging), which causes my WD to heat up. When I realized it got hot, I immediately transfer its position and unplug it afterwards. Will it cause a bad effect on my WD drive? TIA!

  3. Please
    Can you try connecting it on a mobile phone?
    And Tell me what happened

    Does it work or not work

  4. Great work with the vid! Very helpful. So is the software only for security and LED control? I'm wondering if I should even consider installing it. Thanks in advance.

  5. I'm looking to buy new WD 2TB. You explained the same series from the below link? Please confirm. Thanks.

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