NaviXsport Has Changed To A Brand New APP | It's Also Looking A Lot Better

NaviXsport is probably the biggest app when it comes to Live Sports Streams. But now people are starting to see NaviXsport isn’t working/loading. In this video we will shoe you why the Navixsport is no longer working.

Find a huge list of Filelinked Codes here :

Also a walk through guide of how to install Filelinked :

Also a walk through guide of how to install Filelinked :

Here we are aiming to make things simple for you. Whether it’s choosing which app is your favourite, or finding the best codes/stores.

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28 thoughts on “NaviXsport Has Changed To A Brand New APP | It's Also Looking A Lot Better

  1. WOW Sports is also a very popular app. The same style as NaviX. When using the Livesports TV app on Firestick it will say Google store is required. Just click the Back Button.

  2. Mate I've done everything you said and it says mx player pro ain't supported and it takes me to download mx player from Amazon says unavailable so I went to the streamtrendz and it would t download it maybe they've clocked into it

  3. Hi Adam, I have followed your instructions to the latter, when I get to the page where you scroll down to LiveSports TV. 4:18, Idonthave ANY of the downloads shown here, I have 3, & they are just about filelinked codes.
    Any idea as to where I might have gone wrong? Thanking you in anticipation.

  4. For goodness sake, take away your video…is very misleading. Go to Navixsport, and you will see his comment that he did not load any app to replace his present one…pls don't bullshit to much trying to claim glory.

  5. I've tried this new APK and it's not a patch on what Navi X was. The adverts on start up drive you insane and the streams are jittery. My internet speed is fine and I do use IP Vanish. Believe me it's nothing special. I tried it on Wolves v Man U last night.

  6. Hi Adam I never uninstalled navix sport opened app today and he said he may be back in 8 weeks with a new app only available to a private group and to be wary of other apps

  7. I've been using Live Sports TV for sometime now and I got it when I got NaviXsport for last seasons matches. It's nothing to do with NaviXsport and nowhere near as good as what NaviXsport was either. Most of the matches are foreign and have no English commentary. I was hoping I could find out why NaviXsport is no longer working and hoping it was just a case of getting a new update.

  8. Great vid as ever adam 🙂 just be clearing caches on apps didnt realise screensaver usrs so much cache 400mb maybe do a vid shame it takes so much

  9. Any way around the adguard issues. Won't load up as I have it installed? Even if i have it turned off won't open

  10. Thanks Adam I've downloaded the app but it's not a patch on Navixsport, I'm gutted tbh it buffers quite a bit. Which I can honestly say all the time I had Navixsport app it never ever buffered once, also the adverts are annoying on this app too. I just hope this app improves because Navixsport was the best for live football and boxing etc by a country mile.

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