Kritika Reboot First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

Kritika Reboot is the new and improved version of Kritika Online, a free to play instanced stage based anime MMORPG brawler.
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Kritika Reboot features more classes, more content and faster less repetitive progression than Kritika Online as well as the flashy ultra fast paced action combat the game is known for.

What do you think about Kritika Reboot? is the new classes, content, progression and user interface enough to make you wanna revisit the game? let me know in the comments below!

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—Kritika Reboot Steam Description—

Kritika REBOOT is a hyper-stylized, fast-paced, action brawler game. You work together as a team to aggressively clear compact instanced dungeons quickly and efficiently. The faster you clear the dungeon, the better your loot at the end. This is an amazing game for those who pride themselves on their combat ability. It does not only provides quick action but it also provides all the depth of an MMO game.

Combat in Kritika:REBOOT is dynamic and fast-paced. You need to jump, dodge, and utilize combos to beat a variety of creature while employing smart strategies to take the biggest of them down.

Take on the bad guys with oversized blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics. Kritika:REBOOT takes style points seriously.

Dungeons designed for quick play sessions propel you into the action, without lengthy world travel. And each one has a super-sized boss you’ll just love to beat on! The action is fast, and the enemies are furious.

Brawl with friends or rampage solo through hordes of enemies in a variety of game modes across in a fully realized, immersive arcade brawler!

Kritika:REBOOT lets players choose skills and gear best suited to their playstyle. Nearly every piece of gear in Kritika:REBOOT can be customized and improved to help you build your ultimate character.

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Kritika Reboot First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


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45 thoughts on “Kritika Reboot First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

  1. I used to play this game almost daily back in 2016-2018 on SEA server. It's so fun especially the PVP. My main was Valkyrie (she's fast af), Eclair (OP af), and Cat Acrobat (She got a lot of unique skills). But this game had been shutted down and rebooted so many times lol. It's almost like they try to get more money from players by doing this intentionally so that players need to start from beginning and pay for the same thing over and over 😂😂. Have fun while it lasts dude, I'm not taking risk playing this game again.

  2. i like the game and all, i don't really care if it's pay to win but devs you gotta advertise your game if you want more people to play it

  3. I don't care if the pvp in this game is p2w. There's a plethora of pve content and it's fun as fuck and you can play for free. Just picked it up andplayed like 8 hours straight.

  4. Pc version kritika its much much better than the android version android version is a suck to play very unrealistic combat you cannot move around you cannot do any strategy worthless game

  5. I played the release date that day on enmasse entertainment, but the truth is that from the day it came out I didn't play it for more than a month, it was boring, I thought it was a mobile game, boring

  6. You didn't say anything about the cash shop. Stop saying it's your honest opinion, while having their puppeteering hand so far up your shitter you could see the fingers from your mouth.

  7. Some are obsessed with the problem "pay2win" even in mobile games but you shameless guys never considered that they make games or apps as a work and they spent most of their time and energy to create those things, so let us be more considerate, and if u hate pay2win then go work your ass off kids

  8. Man I really wanna play this but the upskirt is too much. Also the health bar thing is super dumb. Why not just have on health bar so you can actually tell how much damage you're doing?

  9. Some how the mobile is more fun than the PC version and that is truly sad.
    Eclair is truly the only fun character

  10. as top f2p berserker i been i say game is huge p2w, me done 20k+ dungeons to get 1 weap at start and p2w player get just by real money… in 1 sec.. game is huge p2w me top farmer and best berserker in eu old server had here top 3 what is 2-3m cp dont remember and top 2 cashers ofc twice-3x more that why everyday less and less ppls just check steam not even 5k ppls on official… its not even 1000……. fu that p2w crap

  11. whats wrong with this UK youtuber, he is gay ? is he mentally deranged ? he didnt have parrents to give him some pilllers in life?

  12. I started this game in December and stopped playing. I recently picked it up as of last week and I've been binging. Honestly, I'd say this game is balanced in terms of f2p and p2w. If you've played games like Elsword Online where it's legit p2w or waste your life away (grind) as a f2p to compete on the same level.

    I do think there's a decent amount of cash stuff in the game, but I think they're passable—you can live without them.

  13. I was slightly interested in the game, so I gave it a chance. Lets be honest here, Kritika is the result of a incestuous, blasphemous relationship between Arcade and MMO ( just MMO, please don't call it RPG). You know how in nature the more colorful means more dangerous right? For some reason lately the more colorful the game is, the worse it sits as an enjoyable game. The fighting is weird, with left click you can knock back, knock down and nuke a boss, the player base in the beginning is just some sort of scam group with weird names and the progression is area by area with a loading screen between them. Now this is not that bad, but for a fucking area to be only 40 to 50 meters is disgusting. How the hell can such a game be even called MMORPG?

  14. I played the game for about 20 hours when it first reboot. Was fun, felt like a musou game more than an MMO.

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