Kawasaki Made the Greatest Sport Tourer ever, and you never heard of it

Kawasaki may have made the Best sport touring bike ever and a lot of people have never heard of it! This bike has touring bags on it to make it a more practical bike for everyday use. This truly is one of the best sports touring bikes you can buy!

Is the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 maybe a little too much for you? Check out the Ninja 636!

This may be the fastest sports touring bike you can buy!

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35 thoughts on “Kawasaki Made the Greatest Sport Tourer ever, and you never heard of it

  1. The z1000sz (as it is called in europe) is such a good bike. Suddenly started seeing more of them on the road recently as well. Glad to see such a good bike get more attention.

    I remember the first time I came out of a corner and really got onto the throttle … I physically was pushed back in my seat. Such a rush.

    The one thing I dislike though … that double sided exhaust. Yes its beautiful but my god it makes chain cleaning a nightmare.

  2. I have a 2015 Ninja 1000 and have 20k miles on it. Best bike I've ever owned. Upgrading the seat from factory is a must.

  3. not riding it anymore, but I have a 1996 Kawasaki ZX1100E based on a ZX11, but sport touring version, but I hurt so much I stopped riding it. still loved it.

  4. And it has a REAL back seat for the ladies. I HATE that most motorcycle manufacturers assume you're gay and can't find a girl to ride with you.

  5. Where did you purchase the backrest from? I purchased a 2012 but at that time you could only get a top trunk or saddlebags, not both. I opted for the saddlebags. Now that my wife rides with me sometimes, this would make riding two up on the Ninja 1000 a viable option. Until then, she'll only get on with me when I'm on the cruiser, because of course it has a back rest for her.

  6. Suuuzuuukiii Haaayaaabuuusaaa. 👍♥️ But i guess this Kawasaki aint bad if you aint in a hurry.

  7. Does this compare to the FJR?
    Haven't riden in a while, rode a FJR and really liked it. Considering a BMW 1200 GS also.

  8. 2016, I needed to replace my Fireblade. The 1000SX looks amazing and has the right weight / bhp numbers. Went to a Kawasaki dealer, with a Google Streetview country road route in my head. Sales guy convinced me to ride into town, I hated the route and the 1000SX, it just didn’t handle right. Six months later, I was still smitten with the looks and bought a red 2015 model. I got it home and my wife (the pillion) immediately pointed out the pillion seat on the 1000SX Tourer, was smaller than my Fireblade seat! Two long rides later, I discovered the problem. If you countersteer everywhere (and I do), the 1000SX steering fights you all the way, the steering is weighted to turn the wrong way. I took it to my bike shop to adjust, and it can’t be adjusted out. So I sold the 1000SX and bought a Triumph Sprint GT 1050, which is almost perfect until you try to take a hairpin fast. It seems you can’t better a Fireblade guys.

  9. Lol, nobody had heated of it!? It's only the best selling bike in Kawasaki's line-up. Has been since it was voted bike of the year in 2011.

  10. You guys still have this bike? How much did you sell it for or are you asking for it? I didn't even know Kawasaki made a bike like that that's really cool.

  11. I had one. It felt like riding an IndyCar from the standpoint of acceleration. Clearly faster than my Speed Triple.

  12. Sorry but this bike is no Sport tourer… Its a sport bike with raised up handle bars, a windscreen (yea right), and a couple of small bags. Aint nothing like the Concours 14 that can sport tour for days.

  13. I knew of this bike. I was never into touring bikes but couple see that this was an incredible bike. Something I should consider now that I am getting old
    Another bike that was similar to this was the FJ 1300

  14. How did you find one in red? I understood they only offered this model in black for 2020 in the US.

  15. Better than the FJR1300? Sorry ..the last thing you want on a touring bike is a chain .. and the pillion seat on the Kwaka looks like an afterthought

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