Is RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager Good? – RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager (Review)

Have you ever wanted to manage your own eSports team? Well, now you can with RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager by Meta Games. RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager is a casual strategy game where you build your own eSports team from the ground up and compete in PVP tournaments and leagues against other players. Acquire sponsorships, a skilled coaching staff, build a gaming house for bonuses, battle in real-time scrim matches, and more!

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14 thoughts on “Is RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager Good? – RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager (Review)

  1. Finding by my enemy. Zero Rebelion. Leader of Star League. By rank second. I am Qualified Programmer Union (QPU). Needs refund this team.

  2. Nice vid and actually interesting game. Too bad for them Riot is going to launch their own version of this. Maybe you should help us get more info on that, lot of people would watch those vids

  3. good video! the only review of this game i saw so far. I think you have better future in youtube. as a game reviewer, you should review more relevant games, just my advice. great video overall

  4. You are probably every one of them you named above. Hallucinating dead and found it in the Play Store. How was your day?

  5. Plz tell me what the name of the games like expedition of art of war is. BTW I like your vids and I have subbed! You are the only youtuber I have dubbed to!

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