Introducing the Compressport R2v2: A revolution in Compression Calf Sleeves

In 2008 we reinvented sports compression with the R2 Calf Sleeves.
Now COMPRESSPORT® releases a revolution with the R2v2. New technologies, new fibres and new colours!

-32% VIBRATIONS GENERATED BY IMPACT WITH THE GROUND: Absorption of shock and vibrations on muscles, veins and joints to increase your performance.

+21,5% Improvement of MUSCLE OXYGENATION: The R2v2 calf sleeve immediatly provides a long-lasting feeling of freshness and lightness

During exercise and especially long races, fatigue is delayed by rapid and significant reduction of lactic acid build-up.

Ergonomic tab that supports the patellar tendon thus reducing up to 8% of vibrations on the knee joint

Lactates and toxins are eliminated efficiently

100% developed in Switzerland,
100% made in Europe with 100% European Fibres
2 Year Warranty – 30 Days Satisfied or Refund policy

“Wherever you are, we support you!”


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3 thoughts on “Introducing the Compressport R2v2: A revolution in Compression Calf Sleeves

  1. Available from Blue Mountains Running Co Australia

  2. Bonjour j'aurai une question, qu'elle est la différence entre la "R2V2" et la "USV2" ? Sachant que j'ai des problèmes de genou et de circulation, que me recommanderiez vous ?

  3. Cant wait to get these in our store ( ), any idea when the UK distributor is getting them ?

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