In the footsteps of Rembrandt van Rijn. Creation of oil portrait. Vladimir Volegov

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In the footsteps of Rembrandt van Rijn.

The idea of this video is creation of oil painting based on etching of Rembrandt van Rijn, 1630. I studied technique of this great master and have painted this work in his style.

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Music: Don`t Leave Our Earth Alone (Cinematic | Epic Music)


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44 thoughts on “In the footsteps of Rembrandt van Rijn. Creation of oil portrait. Vladimir Volegov

  1. Maravilhoso! É emocionante ver o Mestre Volegov pintando! Esse término do trabalho é fantástico, são dois mestres se olhando!

  2. It takes a master to copy a master; only a choice few have the artistic capacity to undertake such a task and make it so successful.
    The theatrical presentation may have been a little too grandiose for most but not for Vladimir who deserves all the accolades written and spoken about him.
    Superb! I'm sure that even Rembrandt himself would approve.

  3. Rembrandt to przedstawiciel portretu psychologicznego. Pana eksperyment jest bardzo interesujący w kontekście Pana własnej twórczości oraz ze względu na to, że nie jest to kolejna kopia dzieła Rembrandta. Ciekawe jak obraz oceniłby sam sportretowany :). Pana malarstwo nie ustępuje mistrzom, których dzieła znajdują się np. w Ermitażu. Pozdrawiam 🙂

  4. Huh
    Çok başarılı ellerine sağlık Vladimir. Başka ustaların tekniklerini gösterir misin sen gayet iyisin teşekkürler. -SEYFULLAH YUZ

    Very successful in the hands of health Vladimir. Can you show me the techniques of other masters, you're fine, thank you. SEYFULLAH YUZ

  5. Volegov is superior than Rembrandt…..

    He's the best artist painter I've ever seen in my whole life … he really is a genius.
    thanks for breaking the limits of the possible.
    Greetings from Colombia.

  6. You can do impressionism and low light Rembrandt – like, impasto and spotlighting! A wonderful interpretation of his drawing, sir.

  7. Wow…… I absolutely loved this whole thing…..chandeliers,candles etc. the whole ambience…….more please !

  8. Владимир,
    Как в одном человеке помещаются такие яркие таланты художника, композитора, режиссёра?
    Убит наповал…

  9. Wonderful! It is especially impressive that you didn’t have a painting to replicate. You conceptualized an original work in the spirit of Rembrandt using appropriate techniques all from a sketch. Bravo!

  10. What a thoughtful study. Very much in keeping with what’s know about Rembrandt’s approach. The video is very dramatic too. Very enjoyable

  11. I love this master video. Thanks Vladimir because you show us how you paint. You are a great artist.

  12. Очень сильная работа! А видео получилось очень атмосферным и мастерская как сказка)

  13. Amazing painting from a drawing come to life. Amazing editing and cinematic drama…just like Rembrandt's paintings. Two thumbs up! Wonderful movie like. Great Job Vladimir!! 👍👍

  14. Amazing clip, amazing camera man, amazing studio

    Vladimir, is a master, I saw one of his clips using Rembrandt oils, but didn't know he inspired by him, the dark and light master Rembrandt
    I also like Royal talens oils
    Thank you for letting me see your studio in that clip

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