How To Save Any Video from Messenger To Your Camera Roll!! (2017)

In this video i show you how to save any videos in messenger to your CameraRoll!

This is a quick video tutorial on how to save ave any videos to iphone’s camera roll (photos). this was requested by a lot of people so i decided to upload a video on it and here it is. 
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43 thoughts on “How To Save Any Video from Messenger To Your Camera Roll!! (2017)

  1. Need help here! ahmm when I tap the video from messenger, “save for later will only appear” no Save. kindly help me

  2. Those times don’t match up. Video was sent at 3:33 and saved at 3:38. It was past 9 while you were making the video. Seems fake and doesn’t work for a lot of people

  3. hi when i tap video no save appear in toolbar only save to my facebook please help me that save will appear and how

  4. GUYS!! I know how to make it work! DON'T press and hold!! Just press fast on the right side of your video, and the thing should come up! And dont press too fast, or the video might just play, but dont press too long either!

  5. I have everything look as this Messenger Settings. But I can not Turn On Photos because Photos say Never. How I save Video from Messenger to my iPhone 6. Thank.

  6. Have followed your steps BUT there's only 3 msg below video which is Delete, Forward and Save for later! No Save with arrow pointing down? Please advice. Tks.

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