How to paint oil painting. Art by Vladimir Volegov

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In this video I’m creating oil painting. It is good practice for you to see all process of creation oil painting, you will learn how to paint oil painting

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47 thoughts on “How to paint oil painting. Art by Vladimir Volegov

  1. DVD instructional video is available here: and High quality printed reproduction on canvas:

  2. Какая необычная манера письма! Неожиданное нанесение мазков и картина возникает как мозаика. Потрясающе! Картина без натуры, как плод воображения, восхищает!

  3. Gracias Vladimir, ver tu trabajo es muy inspirador. Espero aprender mucho de tus técnicas. 🙏🏽

  4. 375 stupid People will tell us he can’t paint 🤦🏻‍♂️ and even they can’t paint a Circle

  5. Rembrandt…..a little bit expensive offer great quality.
    Still use Winton, and i hope someday i will use an artist grade for my paintings.
    Your Paintings are so beautifull, the light and shadow playing around main object is perfect. the illussions of creating volume is at another level. masterpiece in each paintings. Salute..

  6. Mestre! Tão maravilhoso! magnifico! Mestre da luz, do esplendor das possibilidades das tintas! Congratulations!

  7. You're not only a painter. You choosed and captured the unique moment, when the light and her posture, make this lady appears like an angel.

  8. Восхищаюсь, вы яркий и не похожий на всех художник и в этом изюминка, талант и успех ваши друзья😊👏💖

  9. Very nice video , shows the creator in his space with all the tools needed to create. I noticed sometimes you work on canvas that hasn't been gessoed , interesting . I've always admired how you use light in your paintings . Nice work 💎

  10. Thank you kindly Vladimir for sharing!! Beautiful! And you paint these in such a short time! Masterful!

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