Here's Why The Harley Sportster SUCKS!

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Here’s Why The Harley Davidson Sportster SUCKS!
Today I’m going over why I think the Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 sucks! Don’t worry, it might not suck for you, but it sucks for some people, depending what kind of riding you want to do. I’m actually a really big fan of these bikes, but I’m not afraid to point out their short comings/the downside of owning one.

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44 thoughts on “Here's Why The Harley Sportster SUCKS!

  1. I love my sportster because it sucks. I don't ride super aggressive, and performance isn't a priority for me, so the fact that it looks cool is enough for me. Good video though, they aren't for every one.

  2. 3 years strong riding my sportster and wish i could upgrade right now. I bought it used for cheap ( 05 XL883C) and id go on long distance rides with baggers and it would suck. I cant keep up with them. Especially if they decide to hop on interstate. Mine can cruise at 70 but it sounds like its gonna blow up 😂 all in all. Save up a couple grand and get you a softail or dyna 1200 are the same as 883 just higher top end speed. Same size frames and what not. Not good for me being 6ft tall

  3. The first Sportster I rode was a new '65 XLCH. It was over-weight and under-powered. It had a bad suspension, it handled poorly and the brakes were crap. I bought new a '65 Triumph Bonneville instead. The Bonnie was less expensive and did everything better. Last summer I road my second Sportster. Same story 50 years later. The Sportster was over weight and under powered. Handling and braking was better, but not 50 years better. Once again I bought a new Bonneville instead (T120 Black). More power, less wieght, better handling and braking. Sportster vs Bonnie; things never seem to change.

  4. Your review is absolutely pointless. You are reviewing a cruiser for beginner riders from the perspective of a professional biker who has ridden many different bikes. And the bike is not frowned upon by normal people. It's boomers who think that lighter and "slower" machines are for girls and the big v twins are for the big guys. But if you asked them to put their knee down on a sporty or any light bike for they matter they wouldn't be able to do it. They can't even make a normal u turn. They manouver their machines like they are driving big rigs because they have zero riding skills. But hey at least they got a big engine so who cares…

    With respect to the performance of a sporty I can't complain. I ride a 2020 Iron 1200 with a stage one kit. Its nimble and very fast and I can keep up with sport bikes and even smoke some up in the twisties. I never scrape any parts unless I do slow speed stuff such as tight u turns and stuff like that. You just gotta use your body more to make up for the lack of ground clearance so the bike stays more upright during cornering. Of course that also has its limitations but for normal street riding it's fine.

  5. Your cutting down a bike that's been around for many years and has always been not a perfect bike …..we know. But you are really barking up the wrong tree. Let the bike be what it is….

  6. I'm going to actually get rid of my gsxr750 for one soon. I'm just over the ridiculous speed thing and want that comfort look and sound

  7. First point. This bike is not meant for speed . 2) you friend might by another fz07 in 5 years, but you can gift this bike to your grand children after you .

  8. Loving my 02 Sporty Hugger. Not the fastest thing on two wheels, but fast enough for the type of riding I do. Get lots of complements on her, too. Maybe add a Hammer 1275 conversion in the future, maybe not, but I really enjoy riding her as she stands. BTW, I get lots of comments from others saying they wish they had their old Sportsters. Seems like there is some regret by those who had one and got rid of it. Shiny side up!

  9. I have owned a Heritage Softail, a CVO Fatboy and a Dyna Glide. My ex had a 1200 Sportster. If I were to ever buy a HD again…I would buy the 1200. Funnest bike of them all.

  10. Not everyone can afford a $15k – $20k motorcycle. Iron 883 is a good nimble motorcycle & there are riders that are 6’0, and taller, that ride the Iron 883s. Whatever the rider can afford & makes them happy.

  11. My current bike is a 96 883….my previous bike was a 1600cc roadstar …..and I just love my little sportster it's fine for me perfect for zipping around town,at 50,yrs old I don't need to go 200 mph ………

  12. My two cents before I even heard your opinions.. the bike is underpowered, uncomfortable, and it's a Harley which means it should be half the price

  13. the Sportsters are the only thing in Harley's lineup that I even like, the 2017 Dyna lowrider S was the last cool big twin the motor company produced IMO. The current touring line is garbage the Milwaukee Eight ain't got enough power off the showroom to pull a sick whore off a toilet and there over $30,000.00. The Sportster is the longest continuing produced motorcycle in the world it's been consistently in production since 1957 but it's like every other bike you got to put a few dollars to get what You want. I'll agree if your over 5'10" a larger chassis platform is definitely a good option to look into but for what it's worth the evo sportster platform can be a really good running performer with a few modifactions. they'll give a 103" twin cam all it can handle up to 100mph and the agility to ride them in tight spaces is the main reason they've out lasted all other motorcycles remember that when your enjoying life on your upcoming yamaha purchase lol.

  14. I love my nightster 1200 I think 2020 is the last year they are gonna do them I've heard they may release a 1200 with 6 speed tranny dual front disc and antilock all things that would make the sportster and it's varients really cool that and a 5 gallon tank stock

  15. My son bought a brand new 2016 1200 custom. Bike was geared super hi! Sweet spot was about 70 or 75. If you were running 55 or 60 you needed to be in 4th gear. Or it was lugging terribly! Unlike the 883 it was super Torquay and I liked it. Personally I have an old 95 Heritage Softail.

  16. Heavy as fuck, underpowered, slow, not fuel efficient, unreliable, horrible handling, and expensive.

  17. The 1200 Sportster Custom has. 4.5 gal one tank so a long ride Isn’t other of the question if you have a pair?

  18. You and the 883 don’t get along but it is not your bike! You would be better suited to ride a Japanese Motor Cycle. The 883 was born before you were, Honda builds some stuff you would like or maybe you should ride around in a cage, automobile. The 1200 has the torque your missing. Pickup a used 2007 or better Screaming Eagle 1200 Custom and you wouldn’t think it sucks. At over 100 mph it is just fine!

  19. Sportsters Rule 🤙
    Hi, I'm John, a 62 year old kid.
    I have three Harleys;
    2018 Heritage Classic 114 Red Denim Oxide,
    a 2003 Harley Davidson Springer FXSTS black,
    and last year I purchased a 2003 883 xlr, one owner with 3,462 miles. It's orange with blacked out engine, the bike at the time was 16 yrs. old.
    After putting on about 550 miles I upgraded it to a 《still swing arm》 Norcal style chopper.
    I normally ride the Heritage and Springer then for a change I'll hop on the Sportster that is now a 1200 cc with low to mid range feulin reaper cam, 6 over tubes, lowered rear, king n queen seat, black steel rims with spokes, 8 inch black Chubby handlebars, black tape wrapped drag pipes and Atlas front/ rear tires.
    I love taking that Sportster out and rip up the roads. It's barely mean but it is and it's a lot of fun. I hope to post videos of all three bikes this year.
    Sportsters rule ~
    Don't like it, don't look at it 😎

  20. Everyone bags on Harley for being slow, but in all reality that’s how they are from the factory. These big twins are remarkable engines, slightly archaic, but sometimes older is better. If done correctly these bikes can make 200+ hp.

  21. Bought my first bike at age 45 and it was an 883…….bought a Road Glide Special 6 months later.
    My Iron is a 2015 and I have just over 6000 km on it. Traded my RGS last May for a Road Glide Ultra. From May to October I put 10000 km on it. Still have my sporty and am adding some stuff to make it better for me.

  22. Been riding for over 40yrs, and I've had 3 sportsters, loved every one! The first one was and my first bike was a 1974 XLCH 1000cc, lots of fun to ride. My last sporty was a 1995 Sporty S 1200cc, and had more balls than the 1983 shovelhead Tour Glide and the 1990 EVO 1340cc Heritage Softtail I have now. So I guess you love them or you don't. SPORTSTERS ARE BADASS!!!

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