Flying to Koh Samui with Bangkok Airways

Flying to Koh Samui with Bangkok Airways [2018] BKK – USM flight – Vlog 248

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A video showing a flight with Bangkok Airways from Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok to the island of Koh Samui.

This is a longer style video in parts, so feel free to skip around…

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Video preview
1:42 Taking a taxi to Suvarnabhumi airport
2:03 Arriving at the airport, seeing a guy catching a taxi from departures
2:50 Heading to check in
3:39 Bangkok Airways domestic check in
4:31 Passing security
5:01 Heading to the Bangkok Airways economy lounge
6:09 Bangkok Airways economy lounge – free food and drinks for all passengers (free WIFI too)
8:26 Heading to the gate
8:55 At the flight gate
11:19 Boarding the plane
13:24 Take off
14:46 Food served, a shrimp green curry on this day
16:39 Bathroom check
17:18 Beginning of the descent to Koh Samui
18:44 Final approach
21:25 Touchdown
24:01 Unique airport shuttles to the main building
24:44 Leaving the plane
27:28 Nice flowers and bathrooms at the airport
30:03 Baggage collection
31:09 Bank exchange booths & tourist WIFI options
31:52 Transport options from the airport – Taxi or minivan prices
32:32 Ferry prices direct to nearby islands
33:04 My minibus ticket for 130 baht, and the journey to Ark Bar in Chaweng
34:28 Getting dropped off at the hotel
35:03 Outro

Additional Comments:

Chaweng is the main nightlife area of Koh Samui so that was where I based myself for my first visit. This footage was taken towards the end of the high season.

On this trip it was around the time of the ‘half moon party’ so that accounts for some of the bars not being as busy as normal (so I was told).

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43 thoughts on “Flying to Koh Samui with Bangkok Airways

  1. Why don’t you guys stop bringing people into Samui during the Coronavirus? People are going to die because or you guys and the Thai govt. a lot of blood on all your hands. Stop the flights!

  2. I love Koh Samui & it's unique airport! Couldn't help but notice the young couple trying to push their way down the aisle of the plane after landing! Don't they know how to relax! Maybe some time on Samui will chill them out a bit!

  3. My fiance and I are flying to Koh Samui November 1st, 2019. We're flying on Bangkok Airways @10:55 am…and the cost of both of our round trip tickets was only 12,254 Baht so it seems like you really got hosed for 1 round trip ticket. A friend of mine said we should arrive @ BKK 3 hours before the flight to Koh Samui. Does that sound about right? And how long should we arrive at the airport before our flight back to Bangkok? I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

  4. Cheaper options on arrival.
    Stay at hotel that has airport pick up
    Walk up ramp to where pick up area is located,go to desk n tell operator which hotel you are staying,mini bus will take you for fraction of cab fare.

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing this video. I found it very helpful and informative. Am heading to Samui in two months for my first visit! (Been to Thailand before)

  6. Like the way that you are now also travelling on Asian/ and or other carriers and giving us a full overview..trip to airport..the surroundings.. internal and external aircraft videos..'s a nice progression in your videography..and as a viewer am enjoying it..!!..adds to your "normal" videos.. hope to see more of these types..of Asian trip reports.. also nice background music!! Thanks for sharing..!!!

  7. Flown many times on domestic flights. The service was always good and surprised the range of food they offer on such short flights. BA could learn a great deal from Bangkok Airways passenger service

  8. I have flight from Phuket to koh samui 6-7 time, Really like it. Because before landing they will fry over koh phangan too. And when a good weather a sky look clear is so nice, the sea look amazing.
    Have a save flight.

  9. When i used Khoo Sumai airport we had a early morning flight the toilets were over floeing with pee you just count use the toilet at all also no food places to get a sandwich or berger but KHoo Sumi great place and love Thiland and would go back again (please excuse spelling)

  10. Thank you for your video clips always, I could feel that I am in enjoying vacations in THAI and other places.

  11. Food average from bkk to Phuket recently,, old looking airline, many people do t eat shrimps either as a main

  12. Well this truly doesn't show how bad Bangkok airways are! They charge 3-4X the price of other airlines, have old dirty planes, crap food and often unfriendly staff. I prefer to take the long way around. Don Mueng – Surat Thani, then catch the boat across to Samui. It takes about an hour longer but it's a nicer more scenic journey and Nok Air or Thai Lion are much nicer airlines too.

  13. It's not free food, look at the price of your ticket compared to a AA, Nok, or Thai Smile ticket. You're paying for the food through the nose.

  14. Its funny in a way when the cabin crew or flight attendants are called stewardess…… They haven't been called that in over 30 years…..

  15. My most favourite airport in the world! Honolulu is also open air but lacks the charm of Koh Samui. About 500 THB to share a minibus to Chaweng beach,

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