First Class Sleeper Train! Bangkok to Chiang Mai – Is It Worth The Money?

We took the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in a first class room and it was actually a great experience! We give our full review, room tour and experience of the first class cabin and tell you whether it is worth the extra money!

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42 thoughts on “First Class Sleeper Train! Bangkok to Chiang Mai – Is It Worth The Money?

  1. Maam … what accent is that? Also … in the end, was the train ride worth it as compared to a flight? In description, you say you will talk about that, but didn't hear about it in the video.

  2. Is it more expensive to ride the train first class or by plane same route? I’m planning to visit Thailand next year. Good job on the video btw ❤️

  3. I was in thailand from 2 weeks, because I had school and yeah, my parents and me thinked to drive with the train first class from bankok to Chiang mai! This video is very helpful 😀

  4. "Train on and off switch" haha! Thanks for the tour, I'm taking the train up to Chiang Mai in January 🙂

  5. At least she always have 2 nice sized fluffy pillows she brings with her in case the train didn't have any on board…

  6. Great tour of the 1st class!
    Just a heads up, pretty much all your belongings can fit under your chair in 2nd . I took the 2nd class sleeper on the number 9 from BKK and it was great.

    Aircon (set to about 23degrees, bring a jumper) , blankets, very cheap food cart with vegetarian options. Cost me about 1070Baht (about £25)
    If you're a solo traveller like me, don't be afraid of 2nd class. Most specifically, the number 9 train!

  7. In your tour of the room you did not show a power outlet although I read they have an outlet. Can you please confirm or deny this?

  8. Last of all, why do ginger birds wear green ? Are we on the right train ? ha ha ha, mate, your such a careful twat missing a train or getting the wrong train is about as likely as you two normal people going to the moon, pair of dull predictable gits .

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  11. I really think it was a rip off like you've got a stupid door were Ur naibours can here u and like it's not even luxery small spaces

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