Driving from BANGKOK to PATTAYA | Thailand Road Trip 2020

I drove from Bangkok – Pattaya by Bangkok – Chonburi -Pattaya Motorway.


4월의 향기 (April scent)
12월의 추억 (Memories of December)
Alan Walker – Faded Piano Remix
Dream City
Everlasting Piano Version
Good Bye, My Dear
Lost my Colors
Lost my Colors Remake
Melody of Happiness – Piano Version
Romantic Christmas Piano + String
Waltz of Summer
Waltz of Summer Piano Version
가을에 지는 달 (Losing months in autumn)
가을을 걷는 시간 (Autumn walking time)
가을의 기억 (Fall Memory)
간절한 마음 (A sincere heart)
개화[開花] Piano Version (flowering)
거울 (Mirror)
고독한 별 (Solitary star)
고양이 걸음 (Cat foot)
그대의 고백 (Your Confession)
그리운 꿈 Piano Version ( A Dream I Miss )
그저 그런 하루 (Normal day)
그저 한 번 (Just once)
꽃에 앉은 나비 (Butterfly sitting on a flower)
나 자신을 위한 시간 (Time for myself)
너와 나, 둘만의 약속 (Promise of you and me)
느리게 걷기 (Slow walking)
다시 처음부터 (From the beginning again)
동쪽에서 부는 바람 (Wind blowing from the east)
마음의 상처 (Pain in the heart)
미스테리 (Mystery)
반딧불 (Firefly)
밤 하늘, 달빛 아래 (Night sky, under the moonlight)
별들의 고향 (The hometown of stars)
봄의 재회 (Spring Reunion)
비오는 날 작은 변덕 (Edit Ver)
비장한 인생 (A spirited life)
잊어버린 약속 (A forgotten promise)
황혼의 시간 (Twilight time)

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7 thoughts on “Driving from BANGKOK to PATTAYA | Thailand Road Trip 2020

  1. Thank u for this Video, i miss Thailand so much and sure Pattaya is not Thailand, but i like this City it's crazy there 😀

    I am not sure, but i think i drive this road from Samut Sakhon to Pattaya too

  2. is the highway smoother now?? last time I used it there was a lot of bouncing. my guess is that the heat warps the asphalt.

  3. ผมชอบดูมากครับถ่ายถนนแบยนี้ ขอบคุณมากๆที่ถ่ายมาให้ดู แต่อยากแนะนำนิดหน่อยครับคือ ถ้าครอบภาพหรือ Zoom ภาพเข้าไม่ให้ติดขอบดำๆของกระจกรถจะดีขึ้นกว่านี้มากครับ 🙂 ( Logo ช่องลดขนาดเล็กลงมาอีกหน่อย )
    ตัวอย่างแบบนี้นะครับ https://youtu.be/3xTbO0NSuNo

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