Death of a Game: Maplestory 2

Canada’s favorite Korean MMO.

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#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term “death” in the context of the show as either… 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn’t do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.



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50 thoughts on “Death of a Game: Maplestory 2

  1. Hello everyone! I hope you have been surviving this outbreak. What better time to sit inside and watch youtube videos? I hope you guys enjoy this video on Maplestory 2 as much as I enjoyed it (Tom knocked it out of the park right?) Sources in the description. Thanks for the support, everything (including views and likes) is helpful. We will get through all of this together :).

  2. and i just found out that Maplestory 2 had released. Damn, i had wanted to give it a shot, i guess i dodge a bullet there

  3. Nexon's greatest work in my opinion was Shattered Galaxy. I would love to see how it would do its today's gaming climate. They sold it off you KRU Interactive. It went south FAST.

  4. one of the biggest nails in the coffin was ms2's 3D art style. arguably, maplestory 1's biggest appeal was its 2-D sprite graphics and effects.

  5. Have you been using Detective Conan music in the background every time for the conclusion of the video?? How am I just noticing this lol

  6. i remember mushroom royale, i refused to fight in that game mode, it made quite a few people who where out for blood really mad at me.

  7. I don't really think this game was pay to win. Most of the microtransactions goes to cosmetics, which you don't need to progress the game. But if you want a little more pizzazz, then yes, you have to pay, it's like buying designer clothes over normal clothes. You can get a ton of those automatic fishing vouchers for free through events. In fact, the cost for fast travel practically became free when you participate in their anniversary event and collect like 200+ helicopter vouchers. The shadow world was basically PvE, which allows for players to battle other players.

    I left the game because there was really no new content to keep me around once you reach endgame. And this is bad coming from a casual player. I actually came back with the Awakening update, reached lvl 70, and dropped off again. I'm actually surprised how the game wasn't as grindy as I thought, the quests were fairly easy, short, and you could easily max lvl in a day or two if you had all the time in the world. Being a casual player, I wasn't really interested in dungeons and was hoping they introduce more community minigames because those were SUPER fun. And when I did try dungeons, my gear score was so low it wouldn't allow me to participate in many dungeons that my more of my hardcore friends were playing. I had to start from the bottom, but I heard atrocious stories of RNG and that just put me off without even trying.

    I do agree it would've helped if they allowed trading or marketplaces in the game should RNG rates be that poor. I was really invested in the story, but I know it's not easy to continue releasing new areas, new story quests, and such. You think it wouldn't be all that hard seeing as they just should translate the quests from the korean version which is so far ahead…

  8. MapleStory 2 was just another game that looked like Minecraft. MapleStory 1 had more charm and originality.

  9. Would love if you can tackle the death of Shin megami Tensei online! loved that game and it was always sorta full and suddenly it died + the mains focus being the personas/monters/pets was a refreshing take!

  10. They should have stayed the 2D route. There is a 3DS maple story game and if they took that route for the sequel, it would have looked amazing. The Sprite work in that 3DS game is phenomenal.

  11. I used to play this game, and i really liked the looks and graphics, but i got bored soon and stopped playing. I not even reached the endgame level.

  12. the problem with regular maplestory in modern day is that you either don't know what you are doing, and (your character is weak even at level 100+), so you basically have to be a veteran with a character you've been working on for years AND have money burning holes in your pockets for all the exp items, incase you ever want a new character. even then knowing that everything you are doing has been done before AND that there are over 100 more special story/worldbuilding quests to do, can be hard to take in, the game is one for those who are dedicated and have money to burn on exp boosts, especially for preist players which are basically useless in meta. Don't get me wrong nexon did good, it was part of my childhood but when you arent a foolish kid just hitting mushrooms the game is harder to play. I find that newer characters that are more storybased are harder to play and suffer from the amount of sidequests. I play ark mainly and while i love him and his story isn't confusing, its hard to apriciate at times when you are trying to get xp while being somehow all too weak, having mountains of quests and events that you get reccomendations for. I often find situations where I don't read dialouge and get lost, not knowing how to progress while also not feeling like its my fault for being in that situation. its like playing world of warcraft speed through text that no one cares to read, go get/kill thing and return to progress the story. the game is successful and others have tried to copy it in some way or another, just look at elsword to see what I mean, overall the same thing but elsword is more straightforward and contained.
    TL DR; The game is a pay to grind at times, some characters are useless/hard to play, and the game is overall great but requires TONS of dedication.

  13. It was just dungeon grinding with a daily cap and no real endgame. IMO I think the biggest problem was they didn’t make it nearly as socially engaging as the first game. MS1 had a sense of community and places like the free market and Henesys served as a social hub. MS2 didn’t have anything like that

  14. I was someone who played a lot of ms2, the reason I stopped was it got very boring, but I loved it a whole lot due to its very cute nature, but no gameplay, after you got 3 characters to the level cap and since I'm a f2p there just wasn't enough to do

  15. i loved this game when it first came out, spent so many hours on it and made really close friends but we all quit playing after a while :/ they really did it dirty

  16. Idk if this is an unpopular opinion but i find the first MapleStory insanely boring but i loved this one. so kinda annoyed tbh

  17. Ah yes, the great irony that is timegating. While it's clearly designed as a way to prevent people from blowing up their endgame in like a few days it also means that people feel forced to play so that they don't get left behind. There's very few games that balance it well, FF14 comes to mind, but developers seem hellbent in putting it in their games to habituate players into playing their games.

  18. 4,000 hours in I was so burnt out… By the time the sky expansion hit, I was fed up as it simply just added MORE life skill chores…
    the game was over run with bots. I wanted to switch my main to a Soul Binder, LOL it was waaaaay too late for that. My guild was like the top 3 in the server. Everyone was too focused with their life skill grinding and the NEW added life skills from the sky expansion AND on top of that, everyone switched from the normal dungeons strictly to the new chaos dungeons to grind and I mean GRIND to upgrade their legendary gear.
    The market was DESTROYED there was no way to earn mesos (the non premium currency) the only way to earn mesos was to GRIND hard on lfie skills to craft gear and HOPEFULLY rolls a really good statted accessory or to grind dungeons 24/7 in the hope of a good drop to sell that in the market… Back to switching my main, it was basically IMPOSSIBLE to switch, the casual scene was overrun by BOTS and I mean A LOT OF BOTS, all the dungeons you would Que with it would just be bots and you were basically solo-ing a dungeon… it went from a 5-10 minutes to complete a dungeon to a PAINFUL… PAINFUL 40-60 minutes.
    There was basically no scene for the casual players, the new 10 man raids were so hard (HARD as in you NEEDED perfect statted gear and weapons to even make a dent to the boss) DON'T forget they were timed… Soooooooo, all the top guilds monopolized the dungeons and the casual players had to pay a pretty penny for a carry… Don't forget what I said earlier, you needed to GRIND REALLY HARD to even make mesos… At that point I was so burnt out, I'm glad I got out early and sold my account… I heard it got worse from there down the road, and then the game just died…
    oh yeah, to get a full set costume it'll cost you around $200-$300 USD to complete 🙂

  19. 2:14 According to the Internet search, Sangokushi Sousou Den (1998) was developed and published by Koei. Nexon remade the game and released it in 2016.

  20. Were MapleStory game better though? It’s not as if MapleStory 1 has good system or grind, nor the combat complex or anything. I reckon the only reason MO1 is still around is because of nostalgic nerds with rose-tinted glass like me still comes back to relive the so-called good old days. When a new game comes out, it had to be measured up to modern products that made it irrelevant. For their major target audience, namely the Asian market, newer games have came out and there’s not enough greatness from MS2 for MS1 to move over, nor it was good enough for players not to play other games. It’s also notable that most players have switched to FPS and MOBA types games even in Asia itself. MMO is no longer trendy. MS2 is doomed before it came out. All they could hope for is the game to do just well enough to float.

  21. Do Ragnaok Online, a similar mmo 2d grind fest made by Gravity. Game had very good music.

  22. I think I was in 8th grade when rumors first started of of the game. Senior year I was the only one of my friends to get into the closed beta. I love everything about it but no one cares to join after the release. I reached max within the first week and quit a month later. I tried to rejoin when striker was added but the class was unplayable. Truly a sad story

  23. The artstyle turned me off from playing this game. At first glace it looks beautiful, and adorable .. everything is so childlike. Cute.
    … And then you look closer and notice all the children are hyper sexualised. WHAT THE FUCK NEXXON … WHY?! Fucking disgusting. Why would you do that?

  24. I feel like a small contributing factor in the population drop is that they also had an OCE server, which was made up of a small number of the player base which was split for a region that did not need its own server.

  25. My favorite part of the game was the housing/customization system; it was more in-depth than most other games that I've seen. Had a lot of fun designing my house, but I also ended up quitting around when chaos raids were released. The mandatory dungeon limit was also wearing down on me by then. It's a shame that they started making changes far too late; not until january 2019; so 2-3 months after the raids were launched. They really killed their own game with their inaction 🙁

  26. That’s what happens when you create a game where grinding is painfully unfun and the boss fights aren’t even fun to do

  27. I wanted to play again yesterday and give it a second chance, I was very excited until I realised the game wasn't there anymore.
    Yesterday was the day they closed the servers, I cried a little haha

  28. One big issue with your video is that MS2 is completely f2p. This is someone who played the game for 3000 hours and kept up without spending any money. Nothing you can buy can really give you an edge over other players. Of course you can buy mesos from other players but that’s different and not allowed (you’ll be banned if found out). It’s death is due to RNG progression and repeating dungeon/raids. The system for gear progression is the same everytime. You clear a raid over and over until you get +15 weapon , wait for new content > repeat.

  29. One of the most appealing things about the original Maplestory to me was the visuals but this just looks really bad.

  30. I find it weird how I was going to get into it but then find out that literally tomorrow the servers shut down sooo.

  31. Maplestory 1 is still strong, I hope they make a Maplestory 2 with maplestory 1 like gameplay but just better.. 🙂

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