Creative Outlier sports headphones review – the best running headphones 2020 review

In my personal opinion the best running headphones out there for a great price. Buy them here:

This is my review of the Creative Outlier sports headphones, which I have found to be the best earphones for running and working out. Find out why by watching the video.

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Massage roller:
Merrell Vapor Glove:
Vibram KSO EVO:
Running headphones:

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7 thoughts on “Creative Outlier sports headphones review – the best running headphones 2020 review

  1. Just got some today and I have to say I was dubious about the sound quality for the price before buying. I shouldn't have been! First thing I did was stick on some Psytrance and it was just sweet, bass is just spot on and there is no chance these are falling out your ears. Just last month I spent £60 on a pair of sonys and they wont stay in for 10 seconds, they're in the bin now. However. It may be just me but I can not run with these. Get this intense like trapped air feeling in my head every time my foot strikes the ground. For me these are gonna be my cycling buds. The quest continues (for me) for the perfect running pair.

  2. Thanks Steve. You just solved my issue with my Samsung microphone giving up on me after runs in cold weather. I owe you a beer since I had to order from German Amazon – please go into the closest pub and ask for a Banana Hefeweizen and tell them that I will pay later

  3. Looking good Bro, glad to see back and smiling. For reference I use a pair of Aftershock bones conducting headphones with a small iPod nano, that way I get great tunes and I can still listen to the outside world, p.s. they are often the only ones officially allowed at running events.

  4. "Let's keep it rolling"

    Yes! The return of Kalclash.

    By coincidence I've been on the market for something like this.

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