Creative Outlier Sports Bluetooth Headphones

For whatever reason, I was stubbornly holding out on getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones. When Creative offered to send over the Outlier Sports for review, I was excited to finally give them a try. Not having a cord running to my phone has made for a much better experience when doing things around the house or exercising. I’m still not sold on the idea of another thing to have to charge but I suppose it’s the world we live in these days for the convenience of all our wireless gadgets.

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15 thoughts on “Creative Outlier Sports Bluetooth Headphones

  1. One of the things that really annoys me about many reviewers today is the absolute disrespect/disdain for packaging/insert material. Yes, there can be to much packaging or insert, but you need to remember that there are people who designed, manufactured and possibly packed those items. let's say the item you receive has an outer sleeve for protection of the inner box, you toss it aside like I've seen you do, you would be absolutely beside yourself if the inner box came without that outer sleeve and was marred or dirty. So, yes I can understand your dislike for some packaging, but please respect the people involved in the design, production, and manufacturing of those items. Also, respect the company for wanting to get those items to you in good order along with the information you need to operate the item safely.

  2. Good video Chris. Mine arrived yesterday. The packaging has changed. Creative Labs is the best thing for audio. I found them in 2003, with my first desktop. All my desktops use Creative Audigy. SoundBlaster. Thanks for explaining things. The ON/OFF Seek was where I was having difficulty. But really considering a Creative Bluetooth MP3 Player. Will check that out next. Cool Dude–thanks again.

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  4. Foldie paper instructions make good paper wads for kat; be sure to lace liberally with catnip…grin
    Not big on earbuds, but Creative speakers are good; have a pair of T-40's on my desk…xD

  5. I actually love the apple earpods, they are so thinn I can sleep with them (which I do). I can't wear in ear because they always pop out, although I have been looking for some in ear because the sound is closer. I might try these, just hoping they will stay in

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