Creative Outlier Sports Bluetooth Earphones Review (4K)

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11 thoughts on “Creative Outlier Sports Bluetooth Earphones Review (4K)

  1. Hi guys, I still have a red light on my creative headphones and I can't turn it off. Don't you know what to do with it? Thanks.

  2. What would you choose between:
    – jabra elite 45e
    – jbl run endurance bt
    – jbl inspire 700
    -jabra sport coach
    -NuForce BE Sport4
    – MONSTER Isport Intensity
    – Creative Labs Outlier Sports? It's a gift and its purpose is to be used for running, workout. Can you help me, please?

  3. Great informative and precise video!

    I do have one question though;
    In my gym the music is usually blasting pretty loud, are the headphones loud enough/isolated enough to function nicely in a loud environment?

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