Chiang Mai to Bangkok Overnight Train, Second Class Sleeper

Travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Chiang Mai by overnight train! Tour of the second class sleeper. My first overnight train experience and Thailand did not disappoint! This is a cheaper travel alternative to flying in Thailand and can save you a night of accommodations. Would you ride this train?

Hi everyone! The overnight sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and vice versa have a variety of seat options. You can get a second class sleeper like the one shown in the video or 1st class sleeper which is a private room. There’s also an even cheaper second class fan option. After that you can get a non-sleeper train seat for 300-600 baht, that’s only $9-24 to travel across Thailand.

Of course during off season a flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok can range from $18-24 and takes only an hour and a half. Hahah, the train travel method is getting a little outdated but during the holidays when plane tickets jump to $50 – this is a great way to travel! Include 1 one night of hostel/hotel fee and the train sounds like a better deal for sure.

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37 thoughts on “Chiang Mai to Bangkok Overnight Train, Second Class Sleeper

  1. Ill be there from hatyai to bangkok coming april 14th…did u seen any passenger smooking on train? Hehehehe

  2. You are so adorable 😂 it’s actually fun watching this video blog. I’ll be traveling with my family from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in June. Which train did you go in BC I’ve noticed some are older but I’d want the newer train.

  3. Great adventure !!
    Train rides are so old school and brings back so many movie themes for viewers.
    Looking forward to the Hostel hello

  4. I love your positive energy! Can’t wait to go to Thailand! Not sure if I do the train but will see!

  5. Hello! I hope you see my message and could answer me! From all the trains youve taken within Thailand was the train on time? As in it lets say it said it would arrive at 10 am to your destination was it only a few minutes late or was it hours late? We have a flight to catch after the train so im a bit worried from what ive read online

  6. Did you see cockroaches? We did bkk to Surat Thani last year we have to flight back as too much cockroaches on the train 😭

  7. I saw your Hanoi train vid before this one.
    Is it possible to train from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City and across to Bangkok??
    This video turned out better than the other one, lol ..

  8. i know it has been 3 years but glad i found this video. I was looking for a cheaper alternative than planes. Train does seem more fun

  9. Thankyou for sharing. I just made up my mind and will take the train as well, specially after knowing we can make dance moves on it

  10. I'm heading doing to and fro Chiang Mai and Bangkok soon on the second class and first class. As a fellow railfan, I was so glad to come across your video! It made me really excited for my trip. Very succinct and you covered all the areas really well. Nice job on fact checking too! Thank you!

  11. I thank you for sharing. My wife and I are excited about our trip…hopefully we get an ok train….but whatever…we r on budget😃🌈🤙

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