After travelling in Cambodia for two and a half weeks, I summarise my experiences of the costs, safety, transport, food and people, in my first travel review video.






Cameras Used:
– Canon Powershot G7x
– iPhone 7

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  1. I came from Cambodia 38 years ago. I have gone back many times. According to my relatives, the culture does not change much. Meaning the actual Khmer(Cambodian) real not pay attention to the stuffs that don't belong to them. However, they have to protect their procession. They have to warning the travelers to protect themselves. They don't want bad thing happen. They want travelers to come back again.

  2. I love Cambodia – i'll be back there in a months time . We were also warned multiple times to be very careful with bags etc in Phnom Pehn and to avoid the outskirt areas at night . i have never had any problems myself and i felt there was an overwhelming sense that the people warning us were just really caring and dont want tourists to have any issues.

  3. Thank you brother for helping us with so many information ….. Well how good or bad is the Cambodia Police Service? And how do Cambodian people treat them, good or bad? Plz help me..iam from india, delhi city

  4. Hey. Found your videos really helpful and very real. Exactly the things people need to see and know about while travelling

  5. Hey Jason! Love your videos! I have a question about the tourist attractions (like the temples and museums), did you notice any student discounts? Or is that not a thing there? Cause I know from travelling in Europe, most of the time there is a student discount or sometimes we even can go in for free 🙂

  6. definitely download PassApp or GRAB so you could guestimate how to your tuk tuk trip would cost without being ripped off.

  7. Cambodia NOT Safe For Western Tourists ?
    "so the local news media regularly publish fake stories"- Cambodia Expats Online

  8. Kingdom of wonder. Beautiful country , people very good & are always helpful to tourists.Good fun to be had go & see the islands & chill out in paradise you will enjoy

  9. The price of the food you said I think it is normal price not so expensive even I was there last 2 years was the same I paid for. Here in Europe everything expensive. I will going back to Cambodia again oneday

  10. Did you know people would charge you white western tourist guy double to triple of price than local people.

  11. We are so excited to see you in our country. Safe flight and happiness everytime u wishes!!!

  12. I am Cambodian. As a traveler, you have be aware of your surroundings in any countries. Cambodia overall is very safe; however, precaution is not going to hurt. Bag snatching is happening in Phnom Penh but very rare. These bag snatchers know if they get caught, they could get beaten to near death by the general public.

  13. I visited Angkor Wat in July 1997 and I was the only person at the main complex, with a cow grazing in the front courtyard. Siam Reap was a different place then, only 3 small hotels and the large colonial hotel at the roundabout. Different times …

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