BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!

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I had over a week to use the BlackBerry Passport as my daily driver and only phone. Here is what I think of it during the time I spent…
1. Intro (0:00)
2. A look around the device and keyboard (1:42)
3. Circling the rest of the device (6:28)
4. Interface and features I admire (9:02)
5. Thank you to for making content creation possible!(13:06)
6. Specs and display (14:51)
7. The app experience (17:10)
8. A bit about the battery life (24:02)
9. The camera interface and quality (24:58)
10. Conclusion/outro (30:49)
Cool Stuff I have or Like:


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41 thoughts on “BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!

  1. blackberry was really ahead of their time. their os has been implemented on ios and android nowadays.

  2. I miss my passport. Got rid of it for Android and I went and got the classic. The classic is cool however I'm going back to my passport.

  3. I'm thinking about buying this phone cause, of the features its different from the other phones which makes it stands out but my only thing is will I be able to download all my apps from my note 8 phone to the blackberry passport?

  4. Hi, Erica how to installed android system on my passport. Ive been try but it doesnt work. Can you tell me?. Thankyou

  5. The best of best BB Classic & BB Passport, and am fortunate to own both of these, also a BB Curve 8520 🙂

  6. Two downsides. I was able to download Google Play Store but can't get Google Home. Also, the screen goes black during a phone call. Any advice?

  7. Thanks Erica for the in-depth review of the Blackberry Passport! I will however, take a rain check on the Passport for now. Indeed it would be a topic of conversation with the iPhone heard but it’s lacking in APK rendering of you tube, and other apps, I cannot live without WhatsApp and I need a nice camera too! But of course I will not to be plundering $1,000 on an iPhone X any time soon!

  8. Lol Looking at the video of people using this phone as a challenge when it's the phone iv'e using for the past 3 years lol

  9. The Passport SE comes with a beautiful little booklet describing the design decisions and the inspiration for this device. It was designed at a point when BlackBerry knew their proprietary OS had no future – so, they took all the risks associated with differentiation in a flooded market – basically thanking all the hardcore BlackBerry fans with the most advanced BlackBerry designed and built device ever created.

    Now it's time to move on to a KEY2 for people. I'm on mine right now and it's the best.

  10. One of the best smartphones ever designed, built, and sold.

    Unfortunately, BlackBerry 10 is practically useless now that it's 2019 and BlackBerry is ceasing all support entirely later this year.

    Browser was the best, now it doesn't work. OS was also the best, but because it didn't harvest personal user data, it was planned out of existence before it even started.

  11. is android vpn app working on blackberry?or is there shadowsocks client on blackberry. in china, we need vpn, 😂

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