Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok (Thailand): most AMAZING rooftop in the world

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27 thoughts on “Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok (Thailand): most AMAZING rooftop in the world

  1. It's another gem in Bangkok hotels. What a stunning views from all over, the day and night skyline is awesome,, mesmerizing. The sky gardens and pool areas are beautiful. The rooftop moon bar exceptional with all amenities, from their a great view of the concrete skyscrapers both at night and day. Special mention of bathroom where the gray marbles with greenish wall color, it soothes. Awesome property indeed.

  2. Lovely rooftop, but I could probably never go up there. I get motion sickness in high buildings. I feel them move so strongly that I'm sick for the rest of the day. Probably something to do with the inner ear.
    I'm also terribly afraid of heights and would be on my hands and knees anyway (weirdly, I don't get scared or sick on aeroplanes or mountains, though). 🤣
    So, no favorite rooftops. 😁

  3. Fantastic rooftop bar and view,will be staying here in December for a few nights. I always used to stay in the Shangri – la for the boat trips they used to lay on time for a change,,

    Great videos as always….

  4. The Reverie Hotel in Saigon is the most beautiful I have ever seen. The awesome Banquet for $50 all you can eat is unbelievable. No meat or wine is worth an arm and a leg.

  5. We went last December in Bangkok and we had dinner here at the vertigo. We spend $500 on dinner for 2 people. The view is beautiful but the food is not worth that much money. Food at the night markets are better and cheaper. I would not recommend. If you really want to go, just fo for a drink and enjoy the view.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience!! Video well done, music, points of interest. Indeed, money does help but can't buy Happiness!

  7. 1000th person to like this. Also have just booked this hotel for the end of a trip to LHR-HKG-CNX-KBV-HKT-BKK-LHR ijn August-Sept this year. Cannot wait to spend a few days at this place before flying home.

    I AM , Already, Trying, To LEARN, If Visiting, A Buddhistic COUNTRY, Or ENVIRONMENT, NOT, To FORGET The BOW, When GREETING !


  9. It is a thrill…to see what your camera sees !!   thank you so much…to go…where no man has gone before !!…not us…anyway…we do our travel thru you…sir

  10. Great Hotel. I have stayed several times at Club Floor Suites, that comes with free 30min neck massage upon arrival, and separate breakfast- and snack area if you which. Very nice!. Highly recommended Hotel!

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