Bangkok University Cheerleading Team 2016 [We are The Champions] Coed Premier

Bangkok University Cheerleading Team 2016
Thailand Championships Coed Premier

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32 thoughts on “Bangkok University Cheerleading Team 2016 [We are The Champions] Coed Premier

  1. I observed that their pyramids are unique and difficult. Smooth formation yet i still prefer NU pep squad.

    Though each country has its own rulings and mechanics for national competition, NU pep has still the edge since their routine is 6minute long. Its clean, super fast, difficult and smooth transition. The pyramid though not so unique yet there are a lot of transtions going on before completing the pyramid. The pyramid is super fast.

    Check UAAP CDC NU PEP SQUAD 2019 rountine.

    By the way, americans are great tumblers.


    ඉරණම අපේ උයන්පල්ලාඅපේ වෘකයා එය බලවතුන්ට ගෞරව කිරීම සඳහා දුර්වලයන් ඉවත් කරයි එබැවින් අනාගතවක්තෘවරයා කතා කළේය

  3. This is an amazing team, I see potential in them but they rlly need to work on their stunts, technique issues, stretch issues, and timing issues. Other than that they could have done amazing

  4. The difference between Thailand cheer and Philippine cheer is that Thai is more creative while Philippine cheer focus more on Difficulty.

  5. Agreed with pretty much everyone here, stunts were RIDICULOUSLY difficult but tumbling/flexibility/dance could use some work. BUT – we should remember- this is the equivalent of a full state university, not like Navarro where people can go for two years with an easy scholarship for an Associate’s. Most of these kids are there for school first, cheer second, and if you’ve been to state university you know the difference. Not at all downing community or two year schools, but there are a lot of reasons to go there aside from a top notch education. Hopefully that made sense without offending anyone lol

  6. チアという点でものすごく正しい演技だ。

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