Bangkok to Pattaya Express – very cheap!!!

Bangkok to Pattaya Express Bus – fast, efficient and very cheap!!! – Vlog 196

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A video where I took the cheap bus from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Parts of this video include:
0:12 Lunch at Coffee Club
1:56 Getting snacks from 7-Eleven beforehand
2:46 Buying the ticket
3:31 Short wait for my bus
5:11 Departing Bangkok
6:37 The raised highway that most of the journey is on
8:34 Approaching Pattaya
10:18 Pattaya Bus Station
13:24 Mototaxi from the Bus Station to Soi 13/4 (x2 speed)
17:31 Outro

Additional Notes

I always take this cheap bus when I visit Pattaya from central Bangkok. It’s fast, efficient and so cheap it’s almost free. I’ve used the service over 30 times in the last few years and highly recommend it to anyone travelling on a budget.

Taxis – Sometimes if I’m visiting Pattaya with friends then it’s more practical to take a taxi than the cheap bus. I don’t like to prebook Bangkok taxis as you don’t know the condition of the car you will be riding in. If you get an old dud then it can be an uncomfortable hour and a half journey. Much better to flag a taxi down at a busy point in Bangkok, making sure it’s a newer model of car from the last few years. They usually cost 1000 -1500 baht from central Bangkok.

Vans – You can also go to Pattaya by van from the same Bangkok station in this video. But I never take the vans in Thailand as they often have crazy drivers at the wheel who tailgate and are complete lunatics behind the wheel.

Note: If you are visiting Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi airport then you can get an airport bus direct to Pattaya as documented in this video:

First I had some lunch at the Coffee Club, Ekkamai, then took the cheap bus (108 baht) from central Bangkok to Pattaya. On arriving I took an 80 baht mototaxi from Pattaya bus station to Pattaya Soi 13/4, where I was staying at the Penthouse Hotel close to Walking Street.

NB: The cheap bus is what I nearly always use to get to Pattaya from Bangkok. It used to be called the ‘sex tourist express’ because it was predominantly older white men who were the customers, nowadays a multitude of demographics take it.

The Bangkok bus station is easy to get to, as it’s right by Ekkamai Skytrain station.

The buses leave every 20 or 30 mins depending on how busy they are and the journey takes 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. They run from 5am-11pm every day.

The cost was 108 baht per person at the time the video was made (the price varies due to competition).

An older video I made of the same journey showing the bus station, ticket buying process etc…

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1st song
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2nd song
Nighttime Stroll – E’s Jammy Jams

3rd song

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32 thoughts on “Bangkok to Pattaya Express – very cheap!!!

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  2. The cost of the western style food… At any food court in BKK you can purchase a food card for 100 baht. You will eat and drink handsomely. You'll even get change (tip: buy a take away bag of watermelon for about 20 baht). The bus trip is so short you'll spend the time digesting your BKK meal and preparing for a similar food court experience in Pattaya! Central and the T21 food courts in Pattaya recommended. No need for any of that western sandwich rubbish! The Pattaya and BKK T21 food courts are massive and frequented by local and farang tourists.

  3. If anyone is wondering… taxi between Central Pattaya area <-> Sukhumvit area of BKK is 1,500 baht. It is a very standard fare. You can easily google for a taxi. No need to book ahead as there will surely be a taxi near your hotel "on stand-by". It will not look like a metered/conventional taxi. More like a Grab/Uber. With two people that's 750 baht per person. Journey is about 1.5 hours but can vary up to 2 hours if you hit bad traffic. You could try to make it three people but don't push your luck for four people. Vehicle will normally be a medium/small sedan. If three people then ask for an SUV type vehicle but may cost a little more. You do NOT pay the return trip for the driver and this price includes any tolls and there is absolutely no need or expectation to tip. You can try to negotiate below 1,500. You'll be taking your chances. At 1,500 the price is at a level where the passenger, the driver and the taxi owner are all winning.

  4. Some people go to Disneyland others go to France. What is it in Pattaya that attracts people? I'm trying to understand. I do Like the videos, but what is this place about? The girls?

  5. Why the heck do the 7 Elevens have to have that obnoxious sounding bell hooked up to their door when you enter?

  6. You got a few things 1) how to get to the bus station in Bangkok from your hotel / location and the cost. 2) if you have a suit case when you get to Pattaya you will then have to take a Baht bus most likely private and that could run you 100 to 300 baht depending on your negotiating skills. You have to add all these transfer cost to your 108 Baht bus ride.

  7. @bangkok 112 do you take mototaxi with your luggage? where do you put your luggage? I'm going there next month and I don't know which transportation to go to my hotel. Grab, Taxi, prices, etc.

  8. Did it my first time to Pattaya caught the bus I mean but on the return trip i had to endure Punjabis playing music on their speakers and then snoring until I threw my screwed up ticket at them 😉. Got a taxi ever since 👍🍺🇹🇭

  9. 1:34 I agree completely. A friend of mine went to Thailand earlier this year. Within 1 hour of clearing customs the minivan he was traveling in collided with a lightpost. The driver had fallen asleep. Multiple facial fractures and 7 broken vertebra later he is very lucky to be alive, much less able to move.

  10. This is why VISA's are tightening. This type of tourist which uses franchise restaurants (Coffee Club, McDonalds abroad!), avoids Taxis as a Cheap Charlie just got ripped off buying Western Franchise food, looks for ways to get cheapest sex like dark side of Pattaya and Freelancers, and goes Border Hopping to even further try to take advantage which they now stop and put on your record! If you have to pay for sex it's because you maybe not attractive to them although it does provide them a living. It's just not what the Gov want lately in controlling their borders to avoid Thais missing out having nice holidays not filled with ferangs. The main problem is our exchange rate so you can see that with less tourists spending as much they are wise to think ahead to become more selfish.

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