Bangkok Airport Bus to Pattaya | Best way to travel

Hi guys, I have just landed back in Thailand and wanted to update you all and show you the best and easiest way to get to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi airport.
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35 thoughts on “Bangkok Airport Bus to Pattaya | Best way to travel

  1. Hey guys, I am getting many comments asking why I would fly business class and then take a cheap bus to Pattaya. The answer is I got gifted some Airmiles from a friend. So the business class tickets cost me around the same as regular economy tickets. The bus ride was very enjoyable and it gave me a great opportunity to make a video to show anyone traveling on a budget how to get to Pattaya easily. ✌

  2. I would have liked to see some of the countryside on the bus ride, but you're still "da man!" G'day mate! 👍🏻

  3. Hey LJ, the seller of the bus ticket office told you a shit about where to get off in Pattaya. Because you said that you would like to go to the BIG C extra and then you should normally have got off the bus at bus stop No. 2 Sukumvit Road / Central Road and not at bus stop No. 3 Sukumvit Road / South Pattaya Road . I guess you still got off at the right bus stop No. 2 in time to get to the BIG C there

    Greetings Harry from Stuttgart / South Germany

  4. Nice to see you getting the bus I all ways get a taxi Mr T cab firm in Pattaya
    it costs me 1200thb.
    Being disabled ( bad balance and drop heal ) some times meet some one
    on the flight and share.
    But boy do I want to be there after seeing you land at the airport….thank
    you L J keep the good work up.

  5. Hay esquire I’m sure I saw you in a coffee shop in maroubra a few weeks ago. I’ll be kicking myself if it was you and I didn’t say hi.. safe trip

  6. I'll be there next month and I'm taking a bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport – Pattaya. I'm getting off on the north terminal. What transportation should I take to go to my hotel? I'm not sure about mototaxi because I have one luggage with me. taxi? grab? etc. Anyone who has experienced your opinion will be appreciated. thanks

  7. You should have changed money at Superrich Exchange at the airport down bus station they give you way better just a heads up I all the time

  8. Hey bro, just want to tell you the first thing i used to do when arrived is to buy a true move sim card 😄, thank you for showing how take the bus, i used to take taxi for 1500 baths.

  9. I’m curious why you would get a bus? So you fly biz class good move I do as well, then you downgrade to a bus to Pattaya, negatives I see are this, 1: You are on a noisy busy bus sharing with lots others, 2: One every hour so it’s possible you could wait up to an hour, 3: Luggage goes in hold, many have lost some belongings this way, stolen often. Personally I’d simply jump into my own exclusive taxi to Pattaya, either the green and yellow public taxi or pay the extra and get the VIP luxury car. Surely if you can afford biz class you’d opt for that, takes you straight to hotel no messing about at Pattaya, they are not expensive. I really don’t understand your mix of travel here.

  10. Great informative video as always, however for great exchange rates in Bangkok when at BKK airport, simply take the elevator down to the airport link level and change AUD for Baht at Super Rich, all the thai people know and use this service, best rates in BKK .Never I repeat Never exchange at arrivals level, Tourist Scam trap. Enjoy Bro , fellow life time plant based vegan follower..

  11. hey, you mentioned your going to play golf in Pattaya , but we didnt see u with golf clubs at the Bangkok Airport..Do you own any golf clubs?…or going to Rent some in Pattaya?

  12. Great price and looking comfy as you claimed on that little jaunt to Pattaya from "new" BKK Airport …never knew…always stayed in BKK an shot up to Chiang Mai by plane. Next time same way like you here…I can't wait to return to Chiang Mai.

    Great advice and with visuals…VLOG gets stronger as she rolls along.

    Good Times!

  13. Business class on plane and then stuffing around skimping with your cash in Thailand, I don’t get it at all.

  14. Nice one buddy. Wow travel business class on Thai air. Man you ain’t no cheap cheap ferang ! 😂😂😂

  15. So happy to hear from you LJ !! 🙂
    You sure know your way around !! I would be asking all over for directions .
    Anxious to see you in the next couple videos ! Be safe !

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