Anantara Mui Ne (Vietnam): review & impressions

Read my review of Anantara Mui Ne here:

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22 thoughts on “Anantara Mui Ne (Vietnam): review & impressions

  1. Ах какое блаженство знать что ты совершенство.знать что ты идеал

  2. Wow! Your videos are amazing not just this, many of them! A sub from me!
    I have travel videos on my channel, take a look if want!:)

  3. I almost got a free trip to Vietnam once. That was in 1969 though, so I don't think I would have stayed in a nice resort like this! The Army decided I needed to go to Missile Repair Parts School, so I knew then I wasn't going, since we didn't have missiles in Vietnam then. My stay in Germany was much nicer!

  4. would have stayed at this hotel 2 years ago however they have a draconian rule of compulsory 5 nights booking between Xmas and NYE . I wrote and complained to the area manager and heard that the rule was now abandoned . However by that time I have booked at the more inferior Victoria Hotel whose service and attitude was far less hospitable . They charged me for the missing laundry and thongs . Anyway could you review Anantara Hoi An as we booked to stay there in Dec 17 . Great video and I have subscribed to your channel

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