A Cosy Victorian-Inspired Sewing Workroom || Tour

No work space is complete without smol floof-potatoes.

Links to stuff mentioned:
Etsy shop for A2 1-inch grid paper:
The Staymaker’s Tale:

Helpful tools:
(Please note that these are affiliate links)
-Clear 18-inch ruler:
-Steel-headed straight pins:
-Every size & weight needle you will probably ever need:
-My most favorite (& stupidly fiddly) #10 sharps, the tiniest needles:
-Ye Trusty Olde 8” shears (tartan ribbon not included):
-Those wee bird snips that literally everyone seems to have:
-(But I’ve also just found these that are a unicorn and I am severely tempted; I should not be trusted with Amazon:
-Large Newsprint Pad:
-Actual pattern paper:
-French Curve:
-Filming camera (Canon EOS M50):
-Vlogging camera (Canon G7X Mark II):
-iPhone-sized Teleprompter:


Portals to Other Realms:
Instagram, for real-time progress: (@bernadettebanner)
Patreon, for more vloggish and bloggish content:
Prints of costume renderings:

For business enquiries, please contact my representation at:
Requests for personal dressmaking commissions are not considered at this time.

“Like Leaves of a Lotus” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
“In This Sphere” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
“Tranquility Sphere” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
“Old Lullaby” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
“Storytellers” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
“Traveling Lights” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com
“All Those Letters” by Francis Wells, epidemicsound.com

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41 thoughts on “A Cosy Victorian-Inspired Sewing Workroom || Tour

  1. Popping in here to let you know that I’ll be on a little 2-week hiatus from regular Saturday uploads, as I’m headed back to England in December! Which means that the next two weeks will be focused on finishing up sewing projects and filming lots of things to take with me so that hopefully we can keep on schedule whilst my attention is momentarily fractured across projects for the next two months. 🙂

  2. This may have been said before Bernadette but the only thing I can think of that would explain your incredible apartment is that it is in fact a TARDIS. 🙋‍♀️😊💕

  3. I SCREAMED when you asked us not to ask you about Anne of Green Gables. It's true! I have VERY strong feelings about that series!!!

  4. Your channel is just amazing. Your level of skill and the exquisite craftmanship has inspired me to get back in the sewing room. I would LOVE to see a video detailing your sewing project binder. I saw glimpses in the Lady Sherlock videos and it looks like a work of art in itself.

  5. I know this is an older video, but I just discovered you during quarantine!

    I just watched the previous, KonMari video, and I was so antsy because you thought you were doing it badly but you were great! Your drawers look good, but if you were still interested in KonMariing them, you might acquire something that would function like the cardboard that fabric bolts are on in the store (even just pieces of cardboard that are about the size of the interior upright sides of the drawers) to bolt your fabric and stand it upright on the side. Honestly I think they all look pretty good now, as everything but the wool is loosely packed enough that you can pretty much see everything.

  6. "standing up is difficult when your spine doesn't stand straight" lol I feel that. I have scoliosis too. But I just barely am missing the mark on needing to wear a brace. I also injured my ankle and have to wear a boot. As a result of my scoliosis I have to wear a shoe on my other foot so that I don't hurt my hips or back more. I do ballet so I'm surprised that this is my worst injury yet, but thankfully I will be able to stand flat and completely equal pretty soon. My month is almost over and then I can stand flat once more!! And not hurt my spine anymore. I'm sorry I just heard that and realized that the one time I showed my mom one of your videos she compared me to you also it's not every day that I find another human who has scoliosis and loves to sew, and just generally is a person that I can look up to. Also you inspired my very first Victorian dress it's still being made but it makes me happy that I will get to wear it and also that I am making it so thank you.

  7. I have a dress form that we found on the side of the road and I've been calling it a bodess lol. She has a few stains and it missing her stand so i set her on a stool to use her but she's one of the soft ones so it works lol

  8. Still watching while I'm sewing and quilt. Lol. I too have a Pig-pig, Her name is Steven. Lol 🥰 Great video 💙🐝💙

  9. I thought it was just me who referred to my small furry creature as "sir," but I am very pleased to know that Bernadette does as well!

  10. "brooms for sweeping and brooms for flying, and over here…" just continuing on like that wasn't hilarious and wonderful XD

  11. bernadette i also have no feels for anne of green gables, even though it was one of the few books that my mother liked. also one of my aunts (moms sis in law) was a distant cousin of lucy maude montgomery (the writer of the series).

  12. I’ve just spent over an hour watching your make over and tour. ❤️. And I subscribed. I don’t sew, but over time I’ve enjoyed your videos. They are sweet, informative and quite calming. Thank you.

  13. fiction, non fiction all at once,,, jam jars, a guinea pig, a rabbit, candles, a collection of old tea cups etc and gorgeous books, and a smattering of interesting and old hand made things. Holly crape a woman after my deeply odd, nerdy heart who has NEVER fit in (and very pleased not to, thank you muchly).

    Oh my dearest Bernadette I have been following you for 2 years and I can still recall the very first time I discovered you. A beautiful young woman who is tremendously, deeply original and fabulously wonderful. You are a celebration of what it is to be brilliantly unique and totally gorgeous.

    You my dear, would have known how to handle the the queen of hearts and what to have said to the Cheshire cat. "Bernadette In Wonderland"…….. now that would be a most edifying and entertaining read!

  14. What a fun room, creativity needs clutter in my opinion. What a great happy place to create and work in. Love 💕 love 💕 love the little piggy, I used to have many. Blessings to you

  15. Aesthetic goals. Also I swear that if there was no fitting mirror many would assume that she's a Vampyre tricking all of us into learning real history from her youth.

    Tell me im wrong. That mirror might be an editing trick. One learns many things with age.

  16. I suddenly feel very fortunate to have a general, common big box office supply store that stocks A2 graph paper in different size grids.

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