3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body

Many people practice swimming to get a swimmer’s body with a six pack and toned muscles. Here are 3 reasons why swimming will not make you look strong and some tips on what to do about it.

Reason #1 Hunger after swimming.
It is true that you burn a lot of calories when you swim. Simply by being in the pool, your body will be constantly creating heat (aka burning calories) because the water is below our body temperature and it steals our heat. The problem is that because we burn many calories in a short period of time we get very hungry when we stop swimming and we eat more than we use to. We end up eating more than what we burned and sometimes food that isn’t nutritious or that is very high in sugar, so the body just transforms those carbohydrates into fat.

Tip #1
After a swim session try to rehydrate yourself with water and electrolytes, but try to avoid sugary drinks like juice, soda or even gatorade. Also try to eat complex carbohydrates and vegetables instead of junk food.

Reason #2 Cardio
Swimming is mostly a cardio exercise, meaning you are training your heart and lungs. This is good because you will be healthy but it is not the best way to grow your muscles. Our muscles grow because of mini ruptures during exercise. Those broken muscles fibers are then rebuilt stronger when we are resting. That makes them grow. But since there is not a lot of tension in swimming, the amount of muscle rupture is limited.

Tip #2
If you want to build more muscle you need to compliment swimming with an exercise with more tension, such as weight lifting, cross training, calisthenics etc.

Reason #3 Time
It takes time to lower fat percentage in our body and increase muscle mass. Maybe, you won’t see any results in a week or two. You put in the effort and it is disappointing to not see any results. But remember that you are changing the composition of your body and that takes time and consistency.

Tip #3
Schedule your swimming sessions and other weights or dry land workouts into your daily routine and make them a habit. Wait for at least two months before check for improvements. If you are making progress keep going and push yourself a little bit more every day, if not consult a nutritionist to get a specialized diet that works best for your body type.

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39 thoughts on “3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body

  1. Trust me, when you swim over 5,000 yards, twice a day, you definitely tear down and build muscle. Look at any competitive swimmer’s back. We definitely have muscle. I rarely lift weights or ever go to dryland for that matter, and my back, shoulder, and leg muscles are very visible

  2. I’ve done it for 9 years and I gained weight and not much muscle for 6 days a week working my ass off so don’t do it unless you are committed for a long time

  3. I’m really slim. If I eat a really clean diet and increase my calorie intake substantially, will swimming increase muscle tone?

  4. Let's say I want to keep my current muscle mass and lower my body fat percentage while incorporating swimming 2x week and continuing my normal high intensity weight training 3x week. Would swimming be a good idea? I have been working out for over a year now consistently and have seen significant weight gain. From my observations I have seen an increase in muscle mass and more recently fat.

  5. You should not advice people to lift weight. Apparently your intention is good. You want to inform people, no doubt. But you should also know and teach this, lifting weights is a burden for heart muscle. After a while, it causes a hypertrophy in heart muscle which leads to cardiomyopathy in future. Thanks for the good information about swimming.

  6. (Regarding reason no.1 about hunger after swimming) You do realize that eating after swimming will only help repair and regrow muscle protein after some of the protein get broken down after swimming? Eating is crucial after a swim workout to maintain your muscles..

  7. I think i will agree with this video. I used to be a swimmer, swimming for 12 years straight, and im still pretty skilful.

    Swimming DID give me endurance and a lot of it too. I remember beating skinny kids 10kgs lighter than me in running, which is imo pretty impressive.

    The one thing swimming never gave me though is muscles! Note that this was in my puberty which was the perfect timing for hormones. I also gained some weight during that period.

    But few of it was muscles. I am very sad to say this, seeing how I'm not even a skinny person.

    Lifting weights has been a far faster way to improve my strength, but I'll give swimming another try, this time focusing on the bodybuilding/strength aspect of it.

  8. Guess every swimmer strongly disagrees with this… Muscles get bigger and your whole body gets stronger. Obviously skinny people will look skinny without a proper dryland preparation. Anyway, anyone who swims becomes stronger

  9. This isn’t true. I can tell this video hasn’t been researched for. I don’t know about other swimmers but I’m not that hungry after swim practice

  10. Swimming is fun and you can’t feel when your sweating so it doesn’t feel like you’re even working out! You use every single muscle in your body when you swim, and water is great resistance (like a weight) that can build sooo much muscle! You can lose tons of weight as long as you eat healthy and swim regularly. This video is awful.

  11. When you get hungry eat a healthy salad thats what I do and it fills me up but it’s still low calories

  12. I don't use my legs while swimming cause I want them to be thicc but it got thinner and I swim just with my hands how come they're still fat after 9months and my legs get thin?

  13. Bro does this man actually swim or just sits in his chair 24/7 reading blogs and saying there “real facts” on them.

  14. This is fake shit. If you overeat you’ll get fat. It has nothing to do with the type of exercise. Water temperature does not burn more calories than running outside in the winter. The tearing of muscles 💪🏻 doesn’t depend on the impact on tendons.

  15. Believe me when I tell you swimming doesn’t make you big but I like that cause I don’t want to be The Rock but I also want to have my muscles kind of out there you know?? So it works for me

  16. I was a committed 13 year old to my swim team, I was fit asf Im very skinny and small in the first place thanks to my high metabolism so it didn't take me long to have a v line and a six pack built from pushing my self training inside and outside of the pool.

  17. I have been sprint swimming for 5 weeks and I'm eating normal. I've lost 8.4lb and have more visible muscles and larger muscles slightly. I'm going to start Olympic weightlifting too. Both help eachother massively

  18. I swim 6 days a week for over an hour. My muscles exploded. This guys has no idea what he’s talking about. My body fat dropped from 41% to 28% in 6 months. I eat like a horse btw. I did go totally vegan though.

  19. You could say that about any sports activity… burning calories makes you hungry which causes you to eat more. Doesn't make it bad.

  20. Bollocks … I grew up on the surf – young blokes slayed food after coming in from the waves and looked cut and shredded.

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