2019 Ford EcoSport Review – Behind the Wheel

The 2019 Ford EcoSport is the crossover that started it all in the Philippines. If the ground clearance hasn’t sold you on it, maybe the 1.0L EcoBoost engine mated to a conventional six-speed automatic transmission will. This is on top of the extra refinements which Caco will show you in this episode of Behind the Wheel.

Full review:
A night out with the EcoBoost powered 2019 Ford EcoSport:
Old vs New:
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49 thoughts on “2019 Ford EcoSport Review – Behind the Wheel

  1. my husband buy ecosport 2020 on Thursday coming,now in order.i hope i like it couse bfr i drive rangerover sport too.

  2. The door locks at the back center is quite concerning when you have kids there. Really odd choice for Ford to do it.

  3. There is nothing "Eco" about the EcoSport.
    So if you're expecting fuel efficiency, this ain't it fam.

  4. Ugmm,.Why would they replace the 1.5L from the lower variant and make the Top of the line 1.0L? Isnt it better to have 1.5L plus the turbo?

  5. Helpful and honest review, thanks! The fuel consumption of this car is terrible and definitely not worth the purchase.

  6. gago yang ford! defective yung powershift dual clutch transmission nila sa previous ecosport tapos di nila nirecall!

  7. 1.5 Ecosports kulang sa power pero lakas sa gas mas ok pa 1.9 rze mux sakto sa power tipis pa sa diesel

  8. For my verdict,.Those door locks! At the back can really be a downer but besides that it screams



    Specially with the eco boost titanium

  9. ask klng po.. bkit mas mahal prize u
    ng 1.0L na kaysa sa nka 1.5L na kulay white? expect ko kc mas mtaas engine ehmas expensive??

  10. I am planning to buy and my options are kona, vitara, and ecosport. However i am having hard time choosing. Kona has a much better body looks, ecosport has the higher driver seat elevation which i really need because im a short person, vitara i think can be driven either manual or auto.

  11. I was looking for some violent reaction and all i can see are requests for different car reviews. Smh

  12. Sobrang dami pang hindi maganda sa car na yan..hirap din yan sa akyatan..madami pang sasakyan na masok sa price na yan..

  13. Sirain yang ecosport. Lalo na yung automatic. Mga pickup lng nila ang maayos sa Ford. Lahat ng category sirain na. Sa Chevrolet naman lahat ng category sirain.

  14. For those planning to buy any ford vehicles we have an exciting and great deals. Text/call 09555416669 for further details and redirection thank you.

  15. Can you make a review about the 2019 mitsubishi mirage 1.2 gls cvt? Thanks a lot! I love your videos, very informative.

  16. Paano kaya kung dadaan ka ng Ligaya road from Talisay, Batangas going up to Tagaytay ano kaya performance ng 1.0L variant…?

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